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Digimon: DemiVeemon and Pagumon

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EDIT: I changed DemiVeemon's head size a bit, thought that would make some people happy. :)

Hey everyone! Here is the next group for my realistic digimon series. Demiveemon has found a sweet treat laying around in the digital world and Pagumon wants a piece too; unfortunately, DemiVeemon isn't in the mood to share.

I am sure a lot of you know what Digimon will be next (Veemon), but can you guess who Pagumon will digivolve too?

That's it for now! Thank you everyone for all your support and hello to all my new followers! It's really awesome that you all like my Digimon paintings and thanks to that I will continue to paint more Digimon for a while! :D

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theamazingworldofattStudent Traditional Artist
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GNGTNT105Hobbyist General Artist
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Fexdin Digital Artist
Pagumon reminds me of Emperor Palpatine xD
Were-wolf-King's avatar
That's kinda creepy\freaky
creepy.... but cute
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JJ422Hobbyist Traditional Artist
DemiVeemon is so adorable and so gross at the same time! Love 
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gnbmanProfessional Interface Designer
Horrifying and vicious, mischievous and hungry. Looks like you've nailed these two.
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J'aime beaucoup. C'est un excellent dessin. Tu as du talent.
Vipery-07art's avatar
I don't think I want to see them in real life .-. 
X1AIMAN1X's avatar
Of cartoon in 3d, is better than thisone.
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RandomMadnessityfierStudent Digital Artist
Great to see that you've done work on the 'Vee series' of Digimon.
Oh, and in case you've got plans to do a Flamedramon (which personally is my most favourite Digimon of all),  I've got a concept floating around my head involving his armour being covered in (or composed by) a series of holes in which his flames actually come out. It gives his armour a bit of a strawberry-sponge kind of look.

Just something to consider, although Flamedramon might be a little too 'anthropomorphic' for your tastes.
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jgarza511Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There's a point in someone's life where they would say nope a large amount of time
For me, this is that time

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HolyNiwaHobbyist Digital Artist
omg, we need a Tokomon so badly, with it's 1 million teeth XD
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thecatsaidStudent Digital Artist
dem eyesBritney Spears - Yiiikess
SpyraDragoness's avatar
SpyraDragonessHobbyist Digital Artist
aww :)
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LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
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Groudan383Hobbyist Artist
That looks really adorable! The small thing looks creepy though XD
LindseyWArt's avatar
LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
Ha ha, yep. Thanks Groudan!
Groudan383's avatar
Groudan383Hobbyist Artist
No problem! :) 
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DemiVeemon is cute, but Pagumon scares me! D:
LindseyWArt's avatar
LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
Ha ha, there always has to be one. Pagumon is a creepy bugger anyways.
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very good job 
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LindseyWArtProfessional Digital Artist
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