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A continuation of my Pokemon series without the ridiculous title (aka, Who's that Pokemon).

Today it's Charizard that spawned out of pure boredom. Honestly, I had no plan to do this at all until a split second later I was like "hey, I should draw Charizard".

I should certainly embrace this spontaneity, lately I have been talking myself out of art because it's just more work for myself. I can thank school for that. >:C

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking!

The black and white version can be found here: [link]


| Alchemy and Photoshop CS4 | Pokemon © to Nintendo | Artwork © to me, Lindsey W. (~SephirothsHeart)|

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Superb. There is no need to make a Pokemon creepy as hell to make it realistic. Some artists have to take notes of this Charizard ( and your other Pokemon)