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By LindseyWArt
A continuation of my Pokemon series without the ridiculous title (aka, Who's that Pokemon).

Today it's Charizard that spawned out of pure boredom. Honestly, I had no plan to do this at all until a split second later I was like "hey, I should draw Charizard".

I should certainly embrace this spontaneity, lately I have been talking myself out of art because it's just more work for myself. I can thank school for that. >:C

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking!

The black and white version can be found here: [link]


| Alchemy and Photoshop CS4 | Pokemon © to Nintendo | Artwork © to me, Lindsey W. (~SephirothsHeart)|

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Superb. There is no need to make a Pokemon creepy as hell to make it realistic. Some artists have to take notes of this Charizard ( and your other Pokemon)
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This is amazing 0________________0
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this reminds me of the old kaijji monsters,reintrepreted in a cool way
Akuru-Kougasaki's avatar
This, in my personal opinion, is the best rendition of a charizard with believable features.  One of my favorite pokemon!!
LindseyWArt's avatar
That means a lot since there are tons of Charizards out there (plus this one is pretty old). Thanks a bunch Akuru!
OnePieceGeek's avatar
Amazing style! I wish he looked half that badass in the games!

:3 Instant favorite!
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Thanks OnePieceGeek!
OnePieceGeek's avatar
^_^ No prob! Love your work, can't wait to see more!
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This is what a real Charizard could look: Like a realistic animal, but still faithful to the original design. Something like Gareth Edwards had done to the newest Godzilla.
LindseyWArt's avatar
Thanks a lot CreativSven!
that is really cool !  i like it
Rinsley's avatar
Reminds me of the old Godzilla suits...but cooler.
LindseyWArt's avatar
Ha, good point. Never thought of it like that. :lol:
Rinsley's avatar
Yeah, how they were really bulky, and the faces had that almost canine look to them.
urfuckingawesomeforthis<3 u should make a video on how u paint :o i'd like to see u in action :]
LindseyWArt's avatar
Ha ha, you might get bored if you watch one of my videos because I am sooo slow. :noes: :lol:

Thank you anyways!
There's always the fast forward button :o
well, ur welcome then :]
SqueegieSoap's avatar
I like that you stayed true to his design and kept him fat. I see so many realistic interpretations of Charizard that are extremely thin and they try and make him all graceful and crap, when he is indeed a fatty. Awesome work!
GastonMadPlz's avatar
I suppose that's kind of debatable. I mean sure he's fat compared to, say, Greninja or Scizor or other stick-figure Pokemon (and that's not even mentioning Gardevoir/Gallade) but compared to some of the other super-heavyweights, he's not that fat. Then again, I notice Gamefreak tends to change the weight of a lot of their Pokemon, and Charizard seems to be one of those that gets a little bit thinner over the years. You can't really tell me Charizard Y's fat either. Charizard X is... comparable in girth I guess.
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Thank you very much Squeegie! :D
NathalieNova's avatar
This looks pretty good :D
Colours are also good catched
The only thing that I would like to critique is that the shadows should be turned around though the tail tip is making a lot of light and there its all black x)
But else its a great shot of chari :D
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