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At long last, prints of my work are now available at my website on my store tab:

This was made available by the lovely people at INPRNT. All prints are hand checked on the spot for quality, are printed on very high quality paper, and they have amazing customer service. They handle all aspects of production in-house, which means they can produce the best quality prints available!

So excited to finally take this step!

From their website:
"INPRNT is unique in that we print all of our art prints in-house. We use a museum-quality, 100% cotton rag acid-free paper that features a smooth natural white finish and 330 gsm paper weight. Combined with our 10-color printing system, we are able to achieve an extremely wide color gamut and unsurpassed black ink density. This means your prints will feature smooth tonal transitions and vibrant color that makes the artwork pop off the paper. With both paper and ink archival-rated, expect your prints to last a lifetime."
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Come visit me at my new website,! Here I will soon be selling prints, blogging with progress pictures, detail shots, and explanations on my artistic process, and updating news on convention rounds and other happenings.
Quad Stilt Treant Creature Costume Update #2 - Head and Eyes:…
Quad Stilt Treant Creature Costume Update # 1 - Intro, Concept and Stilts:…
Hey guys! Some of you may be familiar with a concept I did some time ago of a Quad Stilt Treat Costume; I use it as my avatar and ID! Well the construction of said costume is heavily underway and I thought you guys might want to watch the progress of it as well as other arting endeavors I undertake! I made a blog in dedication to my artwork and monster building from start to finish where you can read about the making of and watch as I complete different projects, including and currently, my Treant Creature suit! With what I've learned from my classes at Stan Winston School, from teachers (Bill Bryan and Ted Haines) who worked on hollywood movies like Blade II, Species, The Muppets, and Bicentennial Man, I am building a large quad stilt monster suit complete with mechanized eyes, ears, real time creature sounds and capable of in-person interaction!

Up to date photos and video coming soon in addition to other sketches, concepts, tips and tricks! Currently I have articles about my 2D work ready for reading, but videos and photos of the in progress Treant are on the way! Come watch!

Keep an EYE out folks!

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