The Rules: Special Extended Edition

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:D :bulletred:RULES FOR USE OF MY STOCK:bulletred: :D

:bulletblue: If you use any of my stock, it is a requirement that you give credit where credit is due, and link back to me. This means a link on your deviation, and a link on my stock deviation. If I do find anyone that has used stock here, and has not given proper credit, I will bite hard. This is extremely important.

:bulletblue: Stock may not be used for commercial purposes such as book illustrations, websites, or sold products without my written permission. This also means you CANNOT USE THEM OUTSIDE OF DA WITHOUT MY EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION. I am on here answering messages nearly every day, and if you want to make prints, just ask me first. That's all. Current list of those deviants with prints permission can be found at the bottom of this journal.

:bulletblue: Please, respect my models. Not only are they all beautiful people, but they have feelings too, and put a lot of modeling hours in with me. Do not put them in pornographic images. THIS MEANS do not INFLATE them for fetish purposes either. Please, to each their own, but don't make me come after you.

:bulletblue: I take suggestions, but not specific requests. I have a lot. of work to do, and stock is only a side hobby.

:bulletblue: Have fun already!


After over a year of providing stock, I thought it was about time I clarified a few things about my rules and what they mean. Clearly, some people still don't understand. (Or wish to read them? But that's a completely different problem altogether) This journal is intended to spell out every situation I can think of to help people understand them a bit more. In the past three days, I have found 10 deviations from artists who have either not notified me of stock use, or did not credit.

The Rules of Stock use for Traditional Purposes and Photomanipulation purposes are quite different, actually. Those traditional artists who have noted me with questions regarding stock use for references have discovered that the rules are a bit more lax on them. I shall splain.

For Photomanipulation:

The rules for photomanipulation have been updated as of August 5th, 2009 to the following:

:bulletblue:The most important rule of them all is simple: Use, Credit in your artists description and LINK ME to your deviation. If I have to go hunting for images and find a deviation that has been up for weeks with no credit or notification, best start praying to whichever deity strikes your fancy.

:bulletblue: MAKE AN EFFORT. Changing the colour, dropping a filter or texture over, conversions to black and white or adding a frame is NOT A MANIPULATION. Do not submit derivative works to the photography gallery. Violators of this rule will be reported.

:bulletblue: No one is permitted to use my stock in deviations that promote hatred towards animals, people, religious groups, races, or any other act prohibited by dA policy. Use of my stock in pornography or fetish images are also unacceptable. You ARE allowed to use this stock in religious/spiritual devotional work so long as it does not condemn other religions. This stock provider does not care who you pray to.

:bulletblue: dA Prints are ALLOWED. Feel free to submit your work as a print, provided you have followed the above regulations. Please notify me so that I may add it to my wishlist. OTHER commercial products NOT provided by deviantART require my written permission.

:bulletblue: You may post derivative works containing my stock offsite in personal websites, portfolios, forums or what have you PROVIDED you credit me as you would submitting your work here.

:bulletblue: RESPECT. MY. FRIENDS. Absolutely none of this stock may be used in a pornographic, hateful, degrading, bigoted, or sexual manner. Yes, feet and hanging fetish people, that means you. I don't hate you, feet lovers. You are welcome to have your own fetishes, but KEEP THEM OFF MY FRIENDS. This is an artistic resource, not collector's wonderland. It's a fuckin' sad world when nude models have become so hard to find because of those of you who cannot see exposed skin as natural. The Art of the Human Body has become a dying breed of artistic expression, and sadly you won't be seeing any nude images coming from us in the foreseeable future because of those people who cannot grow the f*** up. That said: Do not paste our faces on nude bodies. Do not stick hoses in our mouths and blow us to kingdom come like a joyful zeppelin. If you can't say anything constructive, and feel the need to comment negatively on someone's physical appearance, cut your own fingers off first. Be respectful of others...I know it's asking a lot.

:bulletblue: For all intents and purposes: Don't ask me if you can change the colors and resubmit my work to your gallery. I promise: I can do it myself. These images are intended to be as raw as possible. It isn't that I can't do it, it's that I'd rather not do something irreversible to an image someone would otherwise be able to use. No print permission will be given to someone who violates this color/filter/actions rule, so don't try.

:bulletblue: No, you cannot use password pack preview images in your manipulations. Don't be cheeky-- ask for the bigger file as instructed. You CANNOT use exclusive stock previews at all either.  

:bulletblue: If there are ANY. QUESTIONS.? Note me. But don't expect me to read things for you, especially if the information is right in front of you.

:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred: TRADITIONAL ARTIST RULES!!!!!:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletred:

First, let me explain what I mean by Traditional Art.

It includes anyone, that by any artistic means (digital or physical), starts their own deviation from start to finish entirely on their own, using stock as a reference only, and not a physical/digital photograph. The photographs of our stock here are copyright to me, and thus have stricter rules for people that use the actual file, than those that use them purely for reference.
This definition of Traditional Artists include:
Artisans, Craftsmen, Vector Artists that start from SCRATCH, Digital and Traditional Painters, Sketch artists, Pencil Artists, etc.

PAINTING OVER A PHOTOGRAPH IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AS TRADITIONAL WORK. It is considered mixed media by this stock provider.

:bulletblue:IF you have used any of my stock as a REFERENCE for whatever reason, be it pose, positioning, likeness, inspiration, etc and have done so entirely by your own artistic power, that finished work is YOURS for all intents and purposes. You are free to print your work, use it in portfolios, online or physical, post it on your website, use it in graphics or layouts. Its your work, so long as from start to finish, it was your hand that created the entire image.

The only credit I would appreciate in that situation is credit in your description where available so that OTHER ARTISTS can find it. Besides, a before/after comparison is always fun and displays your growth as an artist. If my stock moved you or inspired you, it's a nice gesture to credit your inspiration...but I can't make you do that.

:bulletblue:I would love to SEE YOUR WORK. Even if it's just a practice sketch; I came to dA as a traditional artist and needed references for my drawings. I understand: it's why I do stock.

:bulletblue: Beyond this lengthly rules journal, if you have any questions, just note me. I don't bite hard. Sometimes.


Causes, Affiliates, Clubs and Contests

Stock-Salon Member Stamp by legiolinde-stock :icondapagan: :iconcreative-model-stock: :iconcreatebyweek: :iconvikingraid: ManipulatedReality Stamp by ManipulatedReality
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Co-Founder of :icontribeofcelts::iconunrestricted-stock:
StockArt Stamp by ssdEternity The Crow Stamp I by dmillustration

Deviants With Commercial Permission.

They may run prints of their deviations featuring my stock however they choose with my blessings. :iconoibyrd::iconidalarsenart::iconladydetemps::iconvkacademy::iconravynnephelan::iconforever-simplicity::iconhenss::iconrebecca-parker::iconmithgariel::icondriven-crazy::iconbitchinblack: :iconkurare::iconflightless-angel::iconcharmedy::iconannie252::iconjenepooh::iconbrandydeshea::iconkaremelancholia::iconpsychobitchua::iconemilieleger::iconmannequinish::iconthearcher777::iconlograyx::iconshimp::iconsternban::iconnissun::iconcosmosue::iconstaceyannborg::iconseebehindmydeadeyes::iconartofdawn: :iconpatronus-light::iconmorbidillusions::iconelysium-arts::icondemoncherry::icontiganesc::iconkariannlax::iconironkitten::iconjustalittleknotty2::icondreamypunk::iconazurylipfe::iconlyastri::iconlauraashford-fineart::iconlamiafemina::iconarwensgrace::iconkayceeus::iconharleybliss::icongwenhwyfar28::iconzoozee::iconlawrencededark::iconwishmaker-kc::icondivadlo209:
:bulletblue: Want to be on the list? Did I miss you? Note me and we'll talk. :)
© 2008 - 2021 lindowyn-stock
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LenaSunny's avatar
I apologize for my bad English, I would like to know you can use the photo of your models for the CD cover
Jon1980's avatar
I agree with your rules ...thanks i advance
fumar-porros's avatar
I would like to use the photo "Southron Archer 2" ( [link] ) for a digital type composition. Is that okay? Can I post the picture then, for example, in photo community? ( [link]) Of course always with backlink ... :-)
SilverCurlyART's avatar
I have read and understood the rules and I am also very much agree with their rules :love:
lindowyn-stock's avatar
Sweet, did you need something? :)
SilverCurlyART's avatar
Sorry I have unfortunately expressed totally wrong, am very much agree with the rules, and would like to extract the password.
Do I ask for your password every time???
lindowyn-stock's avatar
Each password is different, so you could ask for a bunch at a time via note. :)
SilverCurlyART's avatar
I sent a note to thank for passwords :love:
CaseyBelle's avatar
I had a question that I did not see addressed in your rules. In the couple stocks that you have, would it be okay to split the couple up and maybe use a different model with one of the models of yours? For example, could I use the handsome man from this set with, say ^Elandria, *faestock or *auroradreams?
lindowyn-stock's avatar
Go for it. I don't care about all that; and anyway they aren't a 'real' couple, haha. It's my husband and one of my close friends. :)
ladyxdeath's avatar
Love the rules. It's sorta sad some of them had to be clarified. What's even worse is that you found people using and not crediting you....that's uber crap. Anyway, just thought I would put my two cents in. =) I do have one question, once I send you a note (yep, I can read) will the password be used for any stock I would like to use or just one that I tell you I want to use? Just wondering because I often grab a few stocks I like to use in the near future. I really never know what sort of piece I will be doing until I see a stock image that "speaks" to me.
angelknight36's avatar
I love your stock and love your rules. One particular caught my eyes and you'll get a note on that.
AndreaMelendez's avatar
and what about the contests? if I make a photomanipulation with a piece of your stock, I can participate in a contest with her?
lindowyn-stock's avatar
0.o Contest with "her" whom? I don't have a no-contests restriction... care to clarify a little? :o
AndreaMelendez's avatar
sorry, my English is horrible .. I meant that if I use a piece of your stock to do a job for a contest would have a problem? :forgiveme:
thanks for answering
lindowyn-stock's avatar
Go for it! :)Is the contest on dA?
Miotas-Sisceal's avatar
So, just some clraification... "THIS MEANS do not INFLATE them for fetish purposes either." Just by enlarging a model's breasts mean that it's automatically fetish?
lindowyn-stock's avatar
I will attempt to answer this question as it stands.

The line says: "Do not inflate them FOR FETISH PURPOSES..".

That means, if enlarging (or shrinking!) of a model's breasts is done FOR FETISH PURPOSES, then yes. That is obviously fetish.

If the enlarging (or shrinking!) of a model's lady rack is done for practical purposes, like fitting them into an image properly, that's different.

There is no "automatic" fetish, it's an intentional thing. If you are absolutely uncertain, ask yourself: am I doing this because I think women with larger breasts are sexy? Then it takes on a sexual connotation.
Miotas-Sisceal's avatar
Ok, that makes sense. But, just because something I do to an image isn't sexual to me, doesn't mean it won't be sexual to someone else--and vice versa. That rule just confuses me a little bit [[but I do understand where you're coming from with it, though, so as to avoid any sexually oriented deviations using the models]].

It was just a strange rule, is all, I've never seen it before. The only other relative rule I've seen is "no explicit/sexual manips." In all my photomanips, I do something to try and change how the model looks to make her less recognizable, and sometimes that includes the enlarging of breasts because, to me personally, large breasts equates to higher estrogen and more femininity, but that won't stop anyone else from saying "damn, nice hooters."
lindowyn-stock's avatar
That may be, but you (the artist) is the only person I'm worried about as far as the "sexual nature" is concerned. I think that you might not know the type of images I'm talking about, and trust me: nothing in your gallery would be the remotest cause for concern. If you're interested in why the rule exists, there is a very specific genre this speaks to, and I could show you some examples in a note. :) A lot of stock artists were having some severe problems a couple years back with inflation artists (yeah, I think they're still called that), and a lot of people found it offensive. That's pretty much what that's referencing, and the rule just stuck.
Miotas-Sisceal's avatar
Aaah okies. I would be interested in seeing some examples of this art genre, just so I know what to avoid in general, because sometimes my mind will inspire me in strange ways and the last thing I want to do is accidently offend someone.
Alren's avatar
I know this might sound quite obvious, but I'm a real technophobe, so would you be able to tell me how to post a link to your images if I used one for my art?
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