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:D :bulletred:RULES FOR USE OF MY STOCK:bulletred: :D

:bulletblue: If you use any of my stock, it is a requirement that you give credit where credit is due, and link back to me. This means a link on your deviation, and a link on my stock deviation. If I do find anyone that has used stock here, and has not given proper credit, I will bite hard. This is extremely important.

:bulletblue: Stock may not be used for commercial purposes such as book illustrations, websites, or sold products without my written permission. This also means you CANNOT USE THEM OUTSIDE OF DA WITHOUT MY EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION. I am on here answering messages nearly every day, and if you want to make prints, just ask me first. That's all. Current list of those deviants with prints permission can be found at the bottom of this journal.

:bulletblue: Please, respect my models. Not only are they all beautiful people, but they have feelings too, and put a lot of modeling hours in with me. Do not put them in pornographic images. THIS MEANS do not INFLATE them for fetish purposes either. Please, to each their own, but don't make me come after you.

:bulletblue: I take suggestions, and sometimes requests. You must note me, and allow reasonable time for your request. I have a lot. of work to do, and stock is only a side hobby. If your request requires the purchase of a costume I don't have or am not in the process of making, we have a donate option, too. ;) We're poor, dammit!

:bulletblue: Have fun already!

:new: COMPREHENSIVE STOCK INDEX!!!… :bulletblue:



I've had a lot of people asking, so here you go.

1.) By being awesome and not starting unnecessary internet drama. This earns you a cookie. :cookie:

2.) Purchasing exclusive stock packs! At the moment, every purchase goes to helping my fiance and I lower our accumulating medical bills. (At the moment, anyway)

Exclusive Stock Pack 6 by lindowyn-stock Exclusive Stock Pack Four by lindowyn-stock Exclusive Stock Pack Three by lindowyn-stock Exclusive Stock Pack Two by lindowyn-stock Exclusive Stock Pack One by lindowyn-stock
Exclusive Sidhe Stock Pack by lindowyn-stock Exclusive White Witchery Pack by lindowyn-stock Exclusive: Fantasy Portraits 1 by lindowyn-stock Exclusive: Fantasy Portraits 2 by lindowyn-stock Exclusive: Fun Graphics Pack by lindowyn-stock
Stock Packs 1-4 are offered at $5.00 per pack.
Stock Pack 5 is offered at $6.00
Stock Pack 6 is offered at $4.00
White Witchery and Dubh Sidhe are $7.00
Other costs are indicated on the deviation comments.

COSTUMES ARE EXPENSIVE. If you are making a request that requires the purchase of a costume, you can expect to be waiting a while.

Stock Packs I have available for sale at :iconmellowbutterfly: can be found here:

Follow the thumbnails to stamp by StampsbyJen  (there's a lot of cool stuff on there! Check it out!)

3.) Costume donations! Right now, we are slowly (sleeping turtle's pace) accumulating funds to purchase these costumes and accessories, or close to them.

Roman Warrior Costume:…
Cost: 89.99  Donations: 0.00

Female Native American Costume:…
Cost: 17.99  Donations: 0.00  (I have better props than this)

Female Colonial Dress:…
Cost: 109.99 Donations: 0.00

Male Colonial Costume:…
Cost: 149.99 Donations: 0.00  (already own wig)

Sea Admiral Costume:…
Cost: 28.99 Donations: 0.00

Female Arabian Dancer Costume:…
Cost: 19.99 Donations: 0.00 (already own props)

Male Gun-slinger Costume:… have a better hat...)
Cost: 94.99 Donations: 0.00  


Female Colonial Wig:
Cost: 39.95  Donations: 0.00

Due to the ever changing nature of e-bay, there are costumes there available for lesser cost, and also far better costumes on there in general, but I could not post them here as they'd be gone in a week. If anyone sees anything neat there they would like to point out, feel free to suggest.

All donators will have their icons posted in this journal henceforth.
Donators of 20.00 or more will also recieve their choice of (2) Exclusive Stock packs.  (The cost of both packs not to exceed donation)

People to whom I owe many, many, many cookies.

Works by him you must see:
:iconrenilicious: the AMAZING.

:iconsimplexkitten: a varied artist worth your time.
The Flame Of Kildare by simplexkitten sparkling martini by simplexkitten noveau trent by simplexkitten
:iconrachellcoe: a gifted stock photographer (and artist to boot!)
Wrath by rachellcoe Angry Boy by rachellcoe Girl with Flowers by rachellcoe

:bulletred: By popular demand, we now have a donation option. If you're feeling in the giving spirit, please click the wee link below and give us poor twenty-somethin's a hand! THANK YOU! :glomp:

:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Oh, and if you donate, PLEASE let me know so that I can thank you properly. :) :heart:

P.S. Many thanks to cookiekitty-stock's tutorial for helping me figure out how the hell to make this link work!!!!

Stock-Salon Member Stamp by legiolinde-stock :icondapagan: :iconcreative-model-stock: :iconcreatebyweek: :iconvikingraid:
Affiliates: :iconjunk-stock: :iconamarli-stock:
Co-Founder of :icontribeofcelts:

DEVIANTS I HAVE COMMERCIAL AGREEMENTS WITH!: (and may run prints of their deviations featuring my stock however they choose) :iconoibyrd::iconidalarsenart::iconvkacademy::iconforever-simplicity::iconhenss::iconrebecca-parker::iconmithgariel::icondriven-crazy::iconbitchinblack: :iconkurare::iconflightless-angel::iconpsychobitchua::iconemilieleger::iconmannequinish::iconthearcher777::iconlograyx::iconshimp::iconsternban: :iconpatronus-light::iconkariannlax::iconlyastri::iconlauraashford-fineart::iconlamiafemina::iconarwensgrace::iconkayceeus::iconharleybliss::icongwenhwyfar28::iconzoozee::iconlawrencededark::iconwishmaker-kc:
:bulletblue: Want to be on the list? Did I miss you? Note me and we'll talk. :)
StockArt Stamp by ssdEternity

Don't forget to check out my art gallery at Lindowyn :)
© 2007 - 2022 lindowyn-stock
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Renilicious's avatar
Just transferred a wee Christmas pressie to you guys. Have a great Christmas!
lindowyn-stock's avatar
:jawdrop: Wow. Thank you so much! Do you have anything in mind you would like? Stock pack? Idea for a prop to purchase? Cocoa recipe?
Renilicious's avatar
Oooh, I dunno. I'll go through your packs and see...
lindowyn-stock's avatar
Note me for any reason. :nod:
JenaDellaGrottaglia's avatar
i know i am uber late lol thank you tons for past feature most appreciated! :hug:
Driven-Crazy's avatar
I can't help out with money, but I can run around waving a sign. Ra ra ra! Give me an L! ::waves around giant sign that says Lindowyn rocks my socks!::
lindowyn-stock's avatar
You help out plenty by being there, and being awesome. I'm very very glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you better. :)
Driven-Crazy's avatar
Aww You're such a sweetie. :hug: I'm glad to have gotten to know you better too!
jenepooh's avatar
:cookie:= YUMMERS! :heart:

And if I could help, I would love... maybe I could get around to pimping this journal.... :heart:
lindowyn-stock's avatar
You are neat. Can I take you home with me? We can sit and talk about how unfair things like to be, in general, and we shall eat cookies. :nod: Take care of yourself, sweety. :hug:
Amazonofexeter's avatar
:faint: :whisper: lets steal the :cake: and look :innocent: and create a :chainsaw:!! nah, no drama...thats good to me...!
Money...i wish i could day i will, but at the mo....but if i need special stock then you'll be the first i contact...:hug: hope the medical stuff isn't anything too severe?
PsycheOfAtrium's avatar
I have a jobs now! I can help you pay for stoof. It wont exactly be my paycheck so dont get all prideful on me. Id like to help you in any way possible and money is only gas/food for me. Mom has food, so does Ben's Mom so I can spare some moneys for you. You can glare and groan at me either way youre getting presents in the mail so :P I gave Clare enough and I dont believe Ive given you more than food and gas so please let me help. If youre gonna be stubborn Ill buy you costumes/props instead. But I suck at picking those out....soo...yea. I love you!
lindowyn-stock's avatar
You're my sister, dammit. You already do enough for me. :(
Elandria's avatar
:giggle: :lick:

I couldn't resist... cookie? :cookie:
Elandria's avatar
cookies! *pets Ash* I wish I could make you better baby! Stoopid sucky doctors :( You could get a plane ticket over here for less I bet :( Mind you I had no better luck... supposed to be on iron supplements that I'm Duh allergic to as well. Takes the piss :S

Heres to finding our own cure! :beer:
lindowyn-stock's avatar
:ahoy: I'll drink to that. There has to be a better way to figure all of this out. :(
Elandria's avatar
Absolutely ..... who do we know whos brainy and can get a medical degree in 6 months?
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