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:D :bulletred:RULES FOR USE OF MY STOCK:bulletred: :D

:bulletblue: If you use any of my stock, it is a requirement that you give credit where credit is due, and link back to me. This means a link on your deviation, and a link on my stock deviation. If I do find anyone that has used stock here, and has not given proper credit, I will bite hard. This is extremely important.

:bulletblue: Stock may not be used for commercial purposes such as book illustrations, websites, or sold products without my written permission. This also means you CANNOT USE THEM OUTSIDE OF DA WITHOUT MY EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION. I am on here answering messages nearly every day, and if you want to make prints, just ask me first. That's all. Current list of those deviants with prints permission can be found at the bottom of this journal.

:bulletblue: Please, respect my models. Not only are they all beautiful people, but they have feelings too, and put a lot of modeling hours in with me. Do not put them in pornographic images. THIS MEANS do not INFLATE them for fetish purposes either. Please, to each their own, but don't make me come after you.

:bulletblue: I take suggestions, and sometimes requests. You must note me, and allow reasonable time for your request. I have a lot. of work to do, and stock is only a side hobby. If your request requires the purchase of a costume I don't have or am not in the process of making, we have a donate option, too. ;) We're poor, dammit!

:bulletblue: Have fun already!


Okay. I think I got most of it all worked out.

There's still room for expansion, and probably more indexes, but I'm up WAY after my bedtime with a 10 hour photoshoot coming up. SO. No time for href linkages. This'll do for now.

Lindowyn-stock's Handy Dandy Stocky Index

Seven Deadly Sins male and female
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Medievalish Era male and female
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Warriors and Weaponry and Both male and female. If its armed, its here.
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Screamers! Screaming faces, apparitions, and sidhe. male and female.
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Long Dresses, Short Dresses primarily female.
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Filthy Dancing Girls What it says.
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Period Dress male and female
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Sinners and Saints

Here Be Pyrates! primarily female. enter at own risk.
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Fractured Fairy Tales teehee.

Okay. That's it for one night. Neat announcements tomorrow after the shift from hell.

You know I love you guys right? Yeah. This entry is proof. Or some of it.



:bulletred: By popular demand, we now have a donation option...first on the list of things to buy is YAY! If you're feeling in the giving spirit, please click the wee link below and give us poor twenty-somethin's a hand! THANK YOU! :glomp:

:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Oh, and if you donate, PLEASE let me know so that I can thank you properly. :) :heart:

P.S. Many thanks to cookiekitty-stock's tutorial for helping me figure out how the hell to make this link work!!!!

P.P.S. Many thanks also to :iconthearcher777: for sitting here with me and cursing at my computer and making funny spitting sounds while we pounded away at the keyboard and made full use of the copy paste option....
:shamrock: :heart: :boogie:

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Great work Hun and I cussesd a little for you too as all I can do is copy and paste :):)
:hug: :hug: Jeep
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LOL :lol: was a bit taxing.
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YAY! *promptly falls over*
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You must have spent a loooooooong time setting up this index. I for one appreciate all the effort! It's great! I love how you've set it up too. :hug:
lindowyn-stock's avatar
It was tough coming up with ways I could best cover the whoooooole thing.
Driven-Crazy's avatar
Oh I bet! I found some new pictures of yours that I didn't even know you had up!
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