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Steve the Skull Pack

I suppose without his body, this would be considered a portrait. And he's a male (Steve! Thanks to ^Hanratty-Stock )

However, I am not sure there is a place for skulls in male model stock. We need a new category: Previously living stock.


Actually I'm sure that would get some nasty submissions. Roadkill and such. Bah.

Guess what? Guess what? Because Samhain is the best holiday ever and I get very excited about it..... there is no password on this pack. I hope to see many Steves going on journeys in your artworks. (with links of course. :D )

HOWEVER. My stock rules (found in my main journal. Read BOTH links! ) still apply. Unless you want to wind up like Steve, obey them.
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Used your stock here: 

Underwater Mystery by SummerDreams-Art
Thank you! :)
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Used your fabulous stock here:

Fair Witch of the Mountains by SummerDreams-Art
Many thanks! :love:
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Used your wonderful stock here:
Darkness Rising by WhimsicalBlue

Thank you:aww:
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Thanks for the stock! Used here: Psychedelic Skull by MsAllisonIvy

Is it okay if I sell prints on here as well as Society6 and Redbubble? 
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Used here: The Victor by Rowdy-Dawg Thanks
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Used your stock here
...The Key of Destruction... by SilentDreamer-Art
Thank you!!
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Used here: Did Not Mean To Scare You by Rowdy-Dawg Thanks
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Used here: Blood Moon Stroll by Rowdy-Dawg   Thanks
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I used your wonderful stock here: Lord of Destruction.
Thank you very much! :) (Smile) 
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Not Not Bob???:P (pout)
(from Dresden files)
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Hi! I used your stock here When Gods try to be like men... by dreamswoman
Hope you like it! 
Thanks for your wonderful stock! :hug:
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Hi , I use your stock here…
Thanks for sharing :heart:
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I Used your stock Here [Link]

Thank you so much:) (Smile) 
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Hi steve! furious wave 

"Previously living stock" hmm? This is a fabulous idea. Yes, I believe it is! This is a perfect pack, mainly because these skulls are the few I've seen shot at an offcenter angle, which is just what I need. I'll play nice with Steve, I promise. <_<

*girl-next-door-smile~* Psycho Stare 

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Hello I have featured your work here… :skull:
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Used here  Thanks so much! :heart:
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Used here Thanks so much! :heart:
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