Da deleted all faves and comments we got!

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OMG! dA got crazy! Or only with me?!

All deviations are empty, not just mine but everyone's! It's 0 views, 0 faves, 0 comments for every work I (and other people) uploaded :faint:

Anyone having same problem?

I hope it's just temporary... I loged out and got in again, but nothing changed!

Yesterday, my dear friend Bob gave me a new 3 month premium :love:
One huge THANK YOU!!!! :glomp:

I kind of felt obliged to make a new feature (since I haven't made one since september).
I mean, that's whats premium for ;)

Your works, friends! Enjoy :heart:

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My stuff is still the same... lol You are the nicest deviant on here I hope you know !