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:wave: hello everyone!
Such a long time!!!
I'm on my first day of vacation and will finally relax a bit for two weeks before getting back to work. I will have some nice time in the mountains and then in Amsterdam :)

I'm still inactive here, but I always pay a quick visit from time to time :) so I did notice the wonderful surprise on my mother's birthday (august the 4th)!!! My heartfelt thank you to KPEKEP for suggesting and to TimberClipse for featuring my "The Rite of the Fireflies" as a Daily Deviation!!! And a very big thank you to all the kind people who watched it, liked it, faved it and took the time to comment it, I really appreciate this! It's a very important accolade since it's an animation and it really required a lot of work, time and patience, it's a collaboration so I got a lot of help from my friend skulkey for the lovely music which accompanies my images, and it's also my DD number 10!!! :thanks:!

And what about you? Are you all fine?
What great fractals did I miss in this last year? Please show me!!!

Hugs! :hug:
Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, I really appreciated so much :aww:! You're always so kind and sweet!

Also, a huge thank you to tatasz for featuring my Source of Mana flame as a Daily Deviation!
Source of Mana by lindelokse
It was completely unexpected :wow:!!! A big thank you to all the kind people who faved it and to those who added me to their watchlist :thanks:!
I've been almost always offline from here lately so I'm very little active, but I always love it when I come to pay a visit here! Big hugs!
:wave: hi there!!!

:bulletred: :excited: I've been SIX YEARS ON DEVIANTART + I reached 4000+ watchers :wow: :dance: :blush: :thanks:
thank you all so much for the wonderful time and all the support :heart: it means so much to me!!!

:bulletred: I will have a beautiful gallery at the new chaotica website showing some works I never published before ;) stay tuned for updates!

:bulletred: thanks a lot for the wonderful enthusiasm for my little animation in collaboration with skulkey :thanks:!!! It received a lot of favorites but the most amazing thing is the overwhelming number of comments :wow:!!! Thank you, thank you all very much, I'm so glad you liked it!!!
hoping you also took the time to watch this lovely one by crotafang because it's really beautiful :)

:bulletred: The "Feng Ying Po Suo" video made by fengda2870 from my "Not Here" flame has been used as visual element for an experimental photo session by Team Puerile, with very interesting results!
Please check their work at Simply Puerile.tumblr :clap:

and now some features :heart:


Oblivion by zy0rg
Snow and Sunrise by tatasz
Secret of flowers by fractist Princess Of The Woods by piethein21
Greenhouse by depaz As Deep as the Sky by FarDareisMai
Bridging the Gulfs by MarkJayBee Beta Copy by guagapunyaimel
Jagged by SuicideBySafetyPin
West by FarDareisMai
Untwist by OutsideFate
seductress by lyc
Editha by cemerald Grow by FractalDesire
Adularia by plangkye
Octopus by zy0rg


Small Rest by soon38
Flower 7.0 by Sed-rah DEPARTURE by Byzwa-Dher
Victorian Serenity by biancomanto
Hello everybody, hoping everything's ok for you!

:bulletred: First I wanted to inform you that one of my works was selected for the Digital Arts: California exhibition! I didn't win any award but I'm glad to appear there anyway :) I see bib993 appears there too so congratulations to him too :clap:!……

:bulletred: Secondly, I would like to highlight this wonderful project by Bonelos : Collage of Happy :)
Collage of HappyI'm starting a new project, A Collage of Happy
What is this?
This is an idea I came up with the other day. It is a collection of pictures, painting, crafts or literature that radiates happy. Just anything that makes you feel happy.
What can you do?
:bulletorange:Create some art that makes you think of happy. (no mature content)
:bulletorange:Then link it to this journal or note me with a link.
:bulletorange: If you can't participate then just share this journal
:bulletorange: Be happy :dummy:
I will then collate these images and make one giant piece of artwork full of happy
I will credit all the artists at the bottom of the piece so don't worry about that. Please only submit work to this project that is your own.
This is going to be an ongoing project for as long as I have time.
Thanks for joining the happy

let's all have a good smile :D

:bulletred: Third, my "Nigma" fractal is now the cover artwork for hellquist album "Secret Level" ;)………

:bulletred: Some of my works will be soon available printed on T-Shirts by Imaginary Foundation

:bulletred: You can also play a free puzzle game with some of my works on your android device, thanks to brago2k :)…

:bulletred: For the rest, I'm fine and very busy at work as usual. I had very little free time to take care of my fractal activity here and on other sites... again, for the 200000000000000th time, I'm terribly sorry :forgiveme:
Now please enjoy some of the deviations that caught my attention and appreciation lately :heart:


Apo5 by dezibel Marbles on a fractal plane by FractalDesire Ribbons by CMWVisualArts
Light Seekers by depaz Night Queen by tatasz Depths by tatasz
EXOSPHERE close up by Tahyon Amazing fractal bulb - 3D print by bib993 213 by kokolores123
seperated by rce-ordinary invasion by monsan Alive by SymmetryBox
Ice Age by bib993 Clarity by SymmetryBox
The Secret Garden by tatasz On a Monday morning by Vidom
 Turbulence - 20121215-1753-01 1920-1080 by muzucya Hypertile by zesk8
Faulty Towers by GrahamSym Protracted by ChaosFissure
Where Have All the Flowers Gone by GrahamSym Victorian by SuicideBySafetyPin
Attraction by Jimpan1973 Centipede by depaz
Lotus Lake by fractist Spring Melt by FractalEyes
GrrRRrrHHGf324HFDdfhhhhhhdddhhhddjjdsdhgsd by OutsideFate Life as we don't know it by FractKali


Quartet 1 by FCLittle Colony by Niconoff
Light of the Setting Sun by ehecod 265 by kokolores123 
Caustic Icebergs - 06 by ChaoticAtmospheres Self-portrait by Avionetca 289 by kokolores123
Weekly 19 by kokolores123

Now please forgive me but since it seems necessary, I add two brief reminders :blushes: :

- since I keep on receiving requests to use my images for free in commercial projects, please remember that my answer is NO :) Credits and links to my gallery are not a sign of kindness, they are due to me, and not enough as payment :).

- since my images also keep on being stolen for commercial purposes, please remember that they are NOT STOCK, and also not FREE stock. I have no problem to persecute thieves by law, I already did that and will do again :aww:

Cheers :wave:!
I'm very happy to feature here the winners of the Macro in Nature Contest hosted by OliviaMichalski!

first place: alexgphoto with
Round and Round by alexgphoto
Rain's Ephemeral Crown by alexgphoto If the Moon Had a Crown by alexgphoto The Morning After by alexgphoto Reflections of Autumn by alexgphoto The Pearl by alexgphoto

second place: Lasiu7 with
Tiny spider by Lasiu7
Nostalgic by Lasiu7 Field at Sunset by Lasiu7 Leaf by Lasiu7

third place: PawelMatys with

I also wanted to show you the animation I made with Apophysis 7X and Apophymator script by morphapoph :)
the music was made appositely for this video by skulkey :hug: :thanks:!

I would love to publish it here on deviantART too, hoping the film community will accept my application :)
Hello everybody :wave:!
I'm finally at home for the weekend with a decent internet connection and a brand new laptop :D no excuses for crappy renders anymore lol!!!

I wanted to thank Damien SaTaNiA for featuring my flame "The Great Fire" as a Daily Deviation a couple of days ago :tighthug:!!!
The Great Fire by lindelokse
and special thanks go to Darren arctoa for suggesting it and describing it with such beautiful words :thanks: I was really amazed and honored!!!
And of course, thanks so much to all the kind people who commented on my works, faved them and added me to their watchlist :heart:!!!
That was a great surprise, I wasn't really expecting it and especially not for that flame which was far less popular than some others in my gallery :) I'm so glad it got featured!!!

Planning to get back to 2d flames and chaotica soon :D the latest developments look really sweet, give it a try ;)…

hi there everyone!
My apologies for being this silent lately, this journal comes with a few days late!

I'm proud to show you the winners of the latest official DA fractal art contest, Fractalize Your Xmas Holidays!!!
Fractalize your Xmas Holidays Winners!:happybounce: Ahoy ! :happybounce:
After a week working on judging all those wonderful deviations the time has come to announce the winners !
It was really tied and hard to choose the 3 winners but here they are!

First place

Some words from our judges : " A beautifully colourful composition with a great use of variable focal length to evoke an intimate narrative. The glowing light gives a nostalgic feel to the piece, while the vibrant tones evoke a digitised notion of the season. "
You win:

- 1 year Premium Membership

- 1600 deviantART Points

- A4 Print of Dahlia Blanc

- Journal features (Thanks to `lindelokse/=lucid-light)

Second Place

here the official announcement in SaTaNiA's journal!

FIRST PLACE - manapi with "Christmas Time"
Christmas time by manapi

Lampiony by manapi Silence by manapi Remember me by manapi Plantica by manapi Wave by manapi

SECOND PLACE - alchem with "Christmas Wreath"
Christmas wreath by alchem

Saturday night fever by alchem Turtles by alchem Christmas tree by alchem

THIRD PLACE - monsan with "Still There"
still there by monsan

old things by monsan . by monsan invasion by monsan


YuryKyssa with "Happy New Year!"
Happy New Year! by YuryKyssa

and lucid-light with "Christmas"
Christmas by lucid-light

My best congrats to everyone :w00t: :clap:!!!
For all the support for my first book cover artist experience :heart:

For all the wonderful comments and appreciation I receive daily... hourly... every minute :heart:

For all the sweet birthday wishes :heart: and the lovely presents I received from fellow deviants :heart:
The Prayer by VDragosPhotography Garoafe by malaladanila The Flame Burns Brightest in the Heart by moonhigh The Shining by vampirekingdom

I love you all :aww:

I'm so sorry if I don't find the time to reply... I'll do my best to at least answer questions about problems with apo and the tutorials in the next days :nod:
These have been quite intense days at work, now I can take a good breathe and relax for the weekend :) you may find me in the #Aposhack tomorrow :eyes:
:wave: hello there everybody!
I'm so happy :excited:!!!

Evernight - Evernight, Stargazer, Hourglass

The Scent of the Night by lindelokse

Way to go for Apophysis and for Chaotica :w00t:!
My most heartfelt thanks go to lyc who re-rendered my flame at giant size and extreme quality for this cover :thanks: :hug:!!!
Hello there! Such a long time!!!
I hope you had fine holidays and a good start of the new year :) I'm fine and had to work a lot, I still lack internet connection at home so now I'm with my mobile.

I had little time for fractals but dedicated myself to some nice collaborations and projects, including music albums cover artworks, book cover artworks (with a very important italian publishing house :eyes: I'll notify here as soon as the book will be published ;), product labels, an important upcoming exhibition and an interview for visualpelican… :) I will also probably show some of my works and talk a little about them at a 3d modeling and rendering course I'll be taking soon in Milan.

Also, a lot of people asked me to collaborate with fractal animations for their videos after seeing our "Feng ying po suo" clip at vimeo, so big thanks to fengda2870 who is the real artist here and deserves all the praise :clap: My animations aren't really as good, so I hope there will be more occasions to collaborate for me and Fengda in the future.

Whirling Fluorescent Wind - feng ying po suo from Lindelokse on Vimeo.

Please check some of the very nice works by fengda2870 here on deviantART:
fractal yellow chrysanthemum by fengda2870 fractal telesthesia by fengda2870 Shine The Fractal World by fengda2870 coloured glaze by fengda2870

Also, please welcome my friend JanRobbe to deviantART!
:thumb345564279: :thumb345570038: :thumb345575872: Geometric Texture 6 by JanRobbe

And here are some of the fractal artworks I greatly enjoyed this last month ;) I missed you all so much!!!
Four-Leaf Clover by Zueuk MB3D_0413_hd by 0Encrypted0 Thy Tree by Clepsidras Flight by OutsideFate :thumb344384883: The Golden Path by SymmetryBox 14 12 by kimsmile Dragon Spine by SidicusMaximus Snowstorm around the Dragon-tail by FractalMonster :thumb340808634: The guild of magic carpenters by Vidom Forgotten Eclipse by tatasz Complex Life by SymmetryBox Disguises by Platinus :thumb345623884: MB3D to Blender by Schmiegel 02 12 by kimsmile Atrium by FarDareisMai :thumb341177567: Collapse by Platinus :thumb340866309: Asphodel Meadows V2 by tatasz bouquet... by FeliFee Paper Sunset by Trente MB12 Fractal Fantasy 70 by Xantipa2 24 Touches by LeXXe Elven sky by FractalDesire Souvenirs ... by Szellorozsa in the vault of gold by fraterchaos Bakers street by Vidom Sadness by Tahyon Flare Ups by AureliusCat The first powder snow by GLO-HE spikobius by lyc Lava Flow by HalTenny Home of the Ancients by dainbramage1 Distribution network by bib993 Building Bridges by HalTenny Structure B by nic022 you have to change this by piethein21 Medium Rare Breeds by 2BORN02B Laughing at my Tangles by timemit Sensitive by C-91 Misty Metal Buds by HalTenny Jewel encrusted kaleidoscopic web by Kancano Bubblesplosion by CMWVisualArts Underneath by Undead-Academy Mandelbrot 54  - Sublimation - by Olbaid-ST :thumb342616026:

Christmas sale commissions by Ninaste

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 12, 2012, 11:17 AM

Hi there everybody! I'm fine and I hope you are too :) !
These are the last few days with internet connection at home... I'll probably disappear for a while after Thursday, for I will only have connection while at work (and so I can't come to deviantart!), planning to get an internet key or hotspot smartphone after settling in the new flat :nod:

Anyway, a dear friend of mine needs some help so if you are looking for nice artists to commission for portraits and digital paintings please take a look to BeehiveStudio and 6nine-eyes9's journal:


thanks a lot :thanks:!!!

edit: did you see this??? :wow: :wow: :wow: :faint:
Light of night by fractist


Journal Entry: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 2:13 PM
I've been away from DA for over a month, it never happened before!
I'm really sorry sorry sorry, I was (I still am!!!) very busy at work and had quite a frustrating time trying to find a roof to cover my head. It looks like next month we're gonna move into a lovely flat so I'm much happier and more serene now :)
I'm gonna answer to all your notes now, for the messages as usual I'm afraid I won't find the time :forgiveme: working full time is a lifestyle that doesn't really match with spending enough time on deviantART to properly keep in touch with you all... :(

Back from long vacations!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 12:11 PM

Hello everybody :wave:!
I'm finally back after a wonderful summer time! I stayed away from the pc for very long and neglected a lot of my internet life in the latest months, you know how much my life has changed lately (woohoo :woohoo:!!!). I still don't know when my life will become stable again, I'm still on a razor's edge with unofficial job and no real house, but everything looks bright at the horizon so we'll see ;)
Hoping you all had a great time too, and hoping to find the time to spend some time with you lovely deviants ;)

oh, one more thing! Go hug tightly our very amazing Light for all she had done for fractal community here :) and wish her good life too, she deserves it :heart:!

3000 watchers!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 5:13 AM

:blush: thank you all very much :thanks:!!! I'm so amazed :happycry:!
I still have more than 1000 to meet and thank, hoping to find the time to do that because it's important to me! :forgiveme:
I'm working on a little project, some fractals of mine may appear in your inbox in the following weeks!


serpinskyworld by Martinlivet  impossiblesquares by Martinlivet  Dark fire by Martinlivet  forestspace by Martinlivet  Pentaflower by Martinlivet

The Eye by veldor60  Grand Julian Modif by veldor60  Magic Icosa by veldor60  Exquisite II by veldor60  Juliana by veldor60

Million Squared by pvtandersonbryce  Knives Edge by pvtandersonbryce  Deformed Mickey by pvtandersonbryce  Blue Waves by pvtandersonbryce  The Big D by pvtandersonbryce

:iconvictoriadelosreyes: VictoriaDelosReyes
:thumb311394839: :thumb308906688: :thumb308659543: :thumb305479464: :thumb305269401:

Mandelbulb 3D by nic022  Abstract 33 by nic022  Shape 5 by nic022  Madame Irma by nic022  Mandelbulb 3D by nic022

:iconlordsong: lordsong
:thumb311649772: :thumb311637190: :thumb310936869: :thumb307546413: :thumb310889380:

Perspective by Chanur18  Corridor by Chanur18  Er ... ? by Chanur18  Caves by Chanur18  Montains by Chanur18

pattern for summer dress by sonafoitova  drought by sonafoitova  fractal-I by sonafoitova  fractal- incendia I by sonafoitova  deep by sonafoitova


Singularity by fractist  Curves Turning Into Triangles Fractal by titoinou  Bang! by DeTea  9 Lives by Linuron  Sif 38 b by Kattvinge  Surf Shack by mikey1964 Bubble world by snupi988   burnished by quandry247  In the depth of Mind by unicornamira  Savannah by fractalfiend  Division by ConstanceKeat  Power Source by makepeaceart  Mandelbrot 37 - Pure Land - by Olbaid-ST  fractal2002 by SallyVan  So vintage by WhiteKimahri  INK by fractalfantasyworlds  LACHER DE BALLONS. by GalerieVirtuelle  Virus Colony by Fractamonium  Reve by basantis  Mente demente by tawkii  Leaves by gitte  Silence II by Loadus  The Time Has Come by AkuraPare  d mat 11 by racingspoons  uf2009_hd by 0Encrypted0  LV pattern by bunnywithrose  Psychedelic pie by CalciteMink1610 it's a gnarlly world by fractal2cry BIPWEG25 by mjdezo :thumb306402086:  G I L D E D by deTate :thumb307685885:  162. by TheoDesigns  Fe Leaves by carbajo  Speechlessly exposed by Zyteche   Metamorphosis by weinrot93  Trinity by AirElephant  Tenure by StuKarver  Terraforming Plant by ragiggman  Cubicl by HagerotH  Black Hole Spirals by avlouis  Nebula by shalisa7  -11 06 12- by slavkox  La flor.. by DarkMoon689  fractal #27, 2012 by photoladyLM 


UF monthly challenge redux winner:
challengeNoColoursC by davebold370 :thumb311395052:

Apophysis Challenge winners:
Apo Challenge #128 by mahaon Brothers in arms by snupi988 Absolution by ConstanceKeat Brain power by snupi988 Flux by Prelkia Floretics by Epogh 4Clas by Dawgit chall 135 by DulcineaWW

Fractal Flowers colour of the month winner:
April Green Flower by Frankief Mayrigolds by GrahamSym

After a month...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 29, 2012, 2:40 PM

:wave: hello there!!!

I'm still alive (and always lurking here, at least once a day ;) ), even if I've been quite silent this month. I'm loving my new job, loving my colleagues and loving Milan even if it's so damn hot there!
Everything is going really nicely lately - new life, some commissions for fractals incoming, the video made with fengda2870 got the "Staff Pick" feature on vimeo and was a success, Italy is in the Euro 2012 finals... and another `surprise just a few hours ago :giggle: - and I'm happily busy!

It looks like things will become more stable now so I will maybe have some time again to spend on DA next month ;) There are lots of people I still want to thank and meet (like all the new watchers of these months) but in the meantime please accept my big general THANK YOU for all the support and for the little tick :happycry:!!! I'm totally amazed, excited and deeply honored, even if I really have no idea of what I have done to deserve it :thanks:!!!

Fractal themed features for june to come soon ;) !

  • Listening to: the ugly sound of my laptop's fan
  • Reading: Stephen King - The Drawing of the Three
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: the Boss
  • Eating: a croissant
  • Drinking: black espresso

Busy with Changes! :) + Video + omg a DD!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2012, 2:53 PM

Great changes in my life in the latest weeks! You may have noticed I'm very little on DA lately, I'm currently doing a stage in a big studio and I had to move to another city - so my free time was very very very little and I really had to focus on my new job and organizing my transfer :)
So... for a little (let's say one or two weeks) I won't probably be very active here. I apologize for being late with Inspiration Station features, notes and all the rest, life is calling :forgiveme: I'll be back here as soon as possible though... I'm missing DA so much :heart:!

In the meantime, I got featured for the third time on Behance Digital Art Served, and I'm gonna publish a wonderful video my dear friend fengda2870 made starting from my parameters (my fractal flame "Not Here" :) ) you can watch it here on Vimeo and on… - you will be amazed :love:!!!
Not Here by lindelokse Celebrate complete 'feng ying po suo'
code from lindelokse ,render 12000+ flame ,spend more than one month.
appreciate and download address
final version:
first original version:
second original version:
feng ying po suo (fractal animation ) screenshot by fengda2870

UPDATE: what an amazing surprise! I just woke up and noticed I got a Daily Deviation for Queen of the Rain today :dance:!!!
Queen of the Rain by lindelokse
Thank you so much, Light :tighthug:!!! I'm deeply honored, and I'm also really glad it's for that specific flame of mine :thanks:!

  • Listening to: the ugly sound of my laptop's fan
  • Reading: Stephen King - The Drawing of the Three
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: the Boss
  • Eating: a croissant
  • Drinking: black espresso

Inspiration Station x 3!

Journal Entry: Thu May 10, 2012, 1:56 PM

:wave: hi there!!!
I wanted to thank all the kind people who supported my work lately, I'm really amazed and honored :thanks:!
As usual, please forgive me if it takes so much time to me to reply to your comments and messages, and to come and thank you for the devwatch... If you want a "quick" reply, a note is a better way to contact me :)

Also, I have updated some of my deviation with frame-less images, and some are now available as prints :)

but! Let's get to the interesting part of the journal :D please enjoy the masterful artworks of pillemaster FractalDesire and silwenka, they will all take your breath away with their impressive fractals!

:iconpillemaster: pillemaster
A 1st 3D Test by pillemaster Black and White Tempest by pillemaster Spring by pillemaster
Mobo by pillemaster Really Old Rings by pillemaster Inka by pillemaster
Buckyballs by pillemaster Hyperreptile by pillemaster Cold War Memorial by pillemaster
Graf von Zeppelin by pillemaster Flower Pattern by pillemaster Gold Armor Chain by pillemaster
Perlin Flower by pillemaster PW3 by pillemaster Desiccated Ocean by pillemaster

:iconfractaldesire: FractalDesire
Brynhildrs' garden by FractalDesire The chasm by FractalDesire Mithlond by FractalDesire
Centre of mobius world by FractalDesire The wave by FractalDesire Red giant by FractalDesire
Spherical dreams by FractalDesire Mobius love by FractalDesire Desert plants by FractalDesire
Duality by FractalDesire Floral dreams by FractalDesire 79 AD by FractalDesire
Fractal surface by FractalDesire Iron mine by FractalDesire Cosmos out of chaos by FractalDesire

:iconsilwenka: silwenka
-silverae- by silwenka -RoseGarden- by silwenka -Fiorita- by silwenka
-Sakura- by silwenka -GreenPeace- by silwenka -Air- by silwenka
-MidnightLovers- by silwenka -Mal'akhim- by silwenka -deFrost- by silwenka
a'Dillacte by silwenka -Dance- by silwenka -SeaPhonia- by silwenka
-AutumnSounds- by silwenka -Sandstorm- by silwenka -Joyous- by silwenka


:bulletred: congratulations to all BMFAC winners, who got their artworks published in a print magazine! :clap: 
2011 BMFAC News UpdateBMFAC winners published in print magazine!  
The 25 winners of the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest were contacted in mid February to supply large format files of their winning images and also a short bio explaining their interest in fractal art, software used and general information about their work if they chose to do so. We were also informed that the first exhibit would be held in Logroño, in Northern Spain. Javier Barrallo, a Professor of Mathematics at The University of the Basque Country, Spain and also one of the panelists for the BMFAC was our contact for this. The current exhibit will be in the Casa de la Ciencia (House of Science), in Logroño, the Capital city of RIOJA until June 10th. I'll post a few pictures Javier sent further down. Javier also says he will send more pictures soon.
Also when I was contacted in February, Javier informed me that he had written an article about the BMFAC for a Spanish scientific magazine with all the winning images i


A marble by Klytia70  Purple and gold by Klytia70  Spring at last! by Klytia70  Something old something blue by Klytia70  Butterflies by Klytia70

Koch Curves and Spines Fractal by titoinou Forest of Spirals v2 Fractal by titoinou  Tree of Bloody Snowflakes Fractal by titoinou  Colorful Entangled Trees [zoom2] Fractal by titoinou  Space Sierpinski Triangle Fractal by titoinou

:iconashleysg1: ashleysg1
:thumb299632922: :thumb299058634: :thumb298646660: :thumb298487460: :thumb298486173:

:star: SPECIAL SELECTION - almost monochrome


ARANEA PLANETA. by GalerieVirtuelle  Saffron Terraces by JP-Talma  Springtime Forest by giezkaluvorsky  Blue Coral Spiral by bettycruz  magical spring... by FeliFee  The Cages of Poseidon by PhotoComix2  SUNSHINE THROUGH A STAINED GLASS WINDOW by Voyager-I :thumb294907160: :thumb297793309:  John by acidangels  crown of gold by skulkey  Poinsetia by Fractamonium  Windmill Of The Mind. by MasPix  doodlydooo by Dharini  Orange Dream by Hurrdeer  Sunset on the Lake by ChaosFissure  Golden Spiral Variation 1 - Revisited by GGamson  STRANGE WORLD UNDER THE SEA by Topas2012  Room with curtains by Sya-Teltin  animae in manu cordis by lecristal  Hsien by FridgeLogic  Brain Forest by SJS02 :thumb294791736:  Metamorphoses by beaudeeley  blood spiral by vepman  Julia en fleurs by basantis  Kubikul by hermio  The world of reflections 2 by lady-AquaLena  Dragons Reborn by Eternal-Iktomi  There is no such hole! by Schmiegel  swallowed swallowings 5 by racingspoons  Azurite by NoEyedSquareGuy  Nightscape by Cosmic-Cuttlefish  Drop in the ocean. by D-Maxey  Exploding Flower! by DarkMoon689 :thumb296185301:  Zen Turtle by MandelCr8tor  Brithal's Remorse by UniversalKinase  tree of fire by Yaurady :thumb293749002:  Mandragora s heart by Lattapiat  Flower Garden by DeTea  Drifting mind by Ejimac :thumb297611658:  tweak(nr 128) by Silberstreif1905  Egglings by TropicalFractals  Elusive Realities by jimmytc25  Blue Lights by xXLilgirlXx  Necropolis by twistedangel0  Water Garden by Zengetzu  StellarChaotica by michaelcanut


UF monthly challenge redux winner: 

Apophysis Challenge winners: 
Facebook by baba49  Scratchy colors - HDR render by thargor6  Dimensions and sunbeams by Astrantia01  Kiss the Sky 127 by GraphicLia

Fractal Flowers colour of the month winner: 
I can't find the winner for April, but since I also missed the winner for March, I'll feature it now ;)

Contest! + Inspiration Station x3

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2012, 8:59 AM

:wave: hi there!

First of all, I would like you to check the very interesting contest "Wine and Vineyards" held by mauromago at Clavesana-Winemakers group! Open to all visual arts media!!! I think it's a great theme which offers a lot of inspiration and possibilities so... give it a go ;)

I'm quite in a shameful late with inspiration station features - sorry but I've been very little active lately, not really the best period of my life, for many reasons :(
However, this now means three times the goodness in this journal ;) Please enjoy the beautiful works of eralex61 OutsideFate and  slobo777 and take the time to browse and appreciate the galleries of these amazing fractal masters and resource providers - you won't regret it :clap:!!!

Threads by eralex61 Autumn in Me by eralex61 Impossible Sphere by eralex61
Skyline by eralex61 Serpinski mystification by eralex61 Tree of cognition by eralex61
Cube of the cubes by eralex61 The Birth by eralex61