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The Creator's Dream

Apophysis 7x and slight colour adjustments in Photoshop (the green tone on the borders) :)

thanks to my dear friend *DothackersDaichi for the help with the title :aww:!

a 3d tweak of

we had a lot of fun in the #Aposhack lately with sphericals and mobiuses :love:!
spherical3d plugin [link] by ~TyrantWave :thanks:!

edit: featured on Shadowness in Daily Inspiration #222 :thanks:!!!

edit: featured on Shadowness in Daily Inspiration #247 as Daily Feature :excited:!!!

fullview please ;)
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Ok so this is my critique for 'The Creator's Dream' (TCD) as requested. First and foremost I would like to say the basis for this work:

'Poseidon's Treasure' (PT) is an exceptionally strong piece and one of my favorites. TCD has a much deeper color scheme, but lacks the composite spherical dominance of PT.

'The Creators Dream' feature's much richer individual spheres, and the complexity between the spheres is more intriguing. In fact, the depth of intrigue internal to each sphere has provoked a wealth of potential artistic visions uninspired by PT. This ability to conjure profound thoughts is TCD's strongest aspect.

However, the continuity between each sphere feels inhibited to me by a flat unified plane. (as opposed to a dynamic unified plane featured in 'Nest' by the same artist) This static plane is pivotal to other works by the same artist but appears counterproductive in this piece.

/20 minutes for non-biased 2nd look/

I now feel as though 'The Creators Dream' is one complete frame within a three part vertical build (each frame of equal dimensions). My logic is as follows. Lindelokse has provided a solid foundation of 3D expansion (ie a static unified plane) that is on an angle to the viewer, however, the powerful contrast it provides is suppressed by the square and rigid boundaries holding it (ie the actual frame of the work).

Which made me take second note of the hair like vertical threads growing out of that dividing plane. Those upward reaching threads made me think of an upward expansion of dynamic spherical mass that could comprise the second plate (above TCD), and inversely, a third plate (below TCD) comprising similar spheres embedded within a contorted mass of root like threads.


Overall a solid piece and wonderful foundation for expansion.


- Tes

[fellow deviants: shredding this shred is encouraged - such is the way of shred]
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Thank you very much for such a well thought and deep critique :thanks:! I really appreciate you taking the time to provide to me such an accurate analysis of this fractal of mine!
I agree with you on most points, especially about the static plane part :nod: I indeed tried to add some movement and variety to the pattern but the results were all quite messy. I'll try to find a better technique to get the result I want!
Thanks again, you're very kind :thanks:!
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You are most welcome :blushes: The time and care you have spent on these fractals is obvious; and I enjoy them immensely - especially 'The Crimson Glade', 'Lotus', and the top frame of 'Nest' - which is so perfect I could never give it a worthy critique.

Should you ever need additional feedback I would consider it an honor. :) Keep up the Great work!

- Tes
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Oh my, this is like spheres that contain a universe in each one!  :faint:
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no llama here...
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Chiara, is this made in Apo 7x 15B or 15C  or is it made in Apo 3D Hack ?
Thanks for the reply.
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I think it was made in apo 7x 15b, as that's my favorite version ;)
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This Is AMAZING!!!
Do you have a tutorial for this?
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This so dreamy ...the best!
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this is great, one of the bettest fractalwork what I did have seen ;)
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hi, i know it's a little rough but thats my result from your params: [link]
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thanks for the link dear!!! it looks so wonderful :love:!
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Ooooh, meee like!! :D
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Nice depth and atmosphere! I like it a lot!
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They look like little gems at the bottom of the ocean! :heart:
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aww what a lovely description Lily! :thanks: I'm glad you saw this in my lil flame :aww:! thanks a lot :hug:!
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A pleasure, Chiara! :heart:
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Beautiful, golden and organic! :D
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Beautiful , they look like stones found in a clear pond or something .
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that's a very nice interpretation, I'm glad you perceived the underwater feeling I was trying to portray :thanks:!!! thank you very much :aww:!!!
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