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Seasonal Whispers



My favorite season? I thought it was summer or spring, but then I dug a little deeper in my memories, and found childhood stories of carpets of fallen leaves and delicate mist, umbrellas and wool pullovers, and a mild friendly sun. I figured out that while I enjoy much more hot seasons, especially summer, my soul is secretly in love with autumn colors and smells, its gentle melodies to say goodbye, and most of all, with its warm melancholic spirit. It's not death, it's not ageing, it's not deterioration... it's a time to prepare for a rebirth, it's a renewal, it's maturity and consciousness. It's dreams and memories.

Apophysis 7x, photoshop for minor hsb adjustments.
The render is intentionally medium-low quality, I wanted to keep some grain ;)
A tweak of my "Crystal Rose" fractal, made following ~skellorg's tutorial.

My entry for "My favorite time of the year" contest held by #FractalDreams group :)

fullview please :boogie:
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I find this piece absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. I think the composition is very strong with it being weighted to the bottom third of the picture area. But you allow for the flow of extra lines to carry you away from the main area, allow the viewer to see the other portions of the picture - as if this flow was a gentle Autumn breeze. The small pin points of light are very nice details to allow the eye to bounce around and become more active and engaging the viewer in a different manner. Nicely done.

I am constantly amazing by the images people can build up with their fractals, and this one is one of the best I have seen so far. I would have been impressed enough with the color scheme, and technical drawing of the flower if this were made with a different technique, but this is more. I think you made a very wise choice in allowing the texture of graininess to play on the color scheme, it lends to the sensations only Fall brings.

I found your artist statement very moving and concise with what the image lead me to think about. Your color scheme is right on the money, when speaking of Autumn time. For me there is one particular breeze, carrying a very particular scent that announces the arrival of Fall. I will now picture this as the flower who sent the scent.