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Apophysis 7x, minor brightness adjustment in Photoshop ;)

I made this a month ago, when my friend *DothackersDaichi in the #Aposhack told me he wanted to make a 3d gnarl like
by `Xyrus02 :)
These params don't use direct color so no dc_ztransl used... (not very smart of me, for it would have been much easier with the plugin)

also, a big thank you to ~TyrantWave for his Apophysis Base Forms Pack [link] :thanks:
no, I can't make a decent gnarl from scratch :blushes:

fullview please ;)
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I love this! 🥇
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Stunning work.., WOW!!
Wow that's just drop dead gorgeous.
Could you make an tutorial about this ?
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special ....unique ....beautiful 
great retro future feel to it, especially with the cyan and tangerine tones. 
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definitively Cookies!
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It is beautiful! I love the "water droplets".
chowbeng's avatar
Sunrayelle's avatar
So pretty! Yet so simple.. I love the smoothness and the sparkles!
It actually kinda like keys on a keyboard... there's something electronic about it
DimKa-Minsk's avatar
... one more "wow!" ... )) Congratulations!
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I'd really like to see this framed on a wall in my future home <3
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Oh ma lol ho letto ora che sei italiana xD
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Very nice piece! It has great color and depth!
fantastic light. great colors!
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