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Apophysis 7X and a little photoshop for curves adjustments.
Can you see the question mark? ;)

So... I and ^n8iveattitude1 decided to finally fight this Apophysis monster called Xaos. We rolled up our sleeves ( [link] )and tried to put a tile pattern into a spherical gasket... and after a few hours of "omg it's a mess! omg it's so ugly!" we made it :dance:

This one is a elliptic splits pattern filling a spherical gasket. Bonus: it's 3d :giggle:! You can check a small preview of the 2d version here [link] ;)

Heartfelt thanks to ^n8iveattitude1 for all the fun and for rendering these flames for me :thanks:!!!
fullview please!
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So I've been on deviant art for a little while now and I'd just like to say that this piece has remained my all-time favorite since I first saw it.
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So pretty, I specially like the atmosphere of it :D
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your work is always delightful! :D :love:
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Wow this is stunning!
Kuroro7's avatar
With out words...
TiamatHeart's avatar
Remarkable for sure:iconepicclapplz:
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Holy-moley! You be talented!
Daughter-of-David811's avatar
This looks really cool!
I thought at first that it looked like a guitar with raindrops on it.
I still think that.
Again, super cool :D :nod: :meow:
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wow,this really impressive! and the "rolled up our sleeves" link was awesome!
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Something very powerful about your pieces!!!
heatstroke99's avatar
Lance-In-Payne22's avatar
this is awesome! your amazing!
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Superb+ magnificent!!
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It's really so cool to see what you come up with~
BTW I didn't know that fractals could be set to be 3D! So cool~
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yes. me likey allot!
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Great fractal art, I love the effects!
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This is extra extra and really marvelous. Please can you just explain what exactly this is in its raw form?
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Riddle me this, riddle me that. A question mark that questions fact!

I don't know. :heart:
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Go fractal Order Warriors!! :D
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