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LazyJulian Apophysis Tutorial



A little tutorial about one of my favorite techniques for Apophysis :) Results may look similar to the julian rings technique, but I personally find lazysusan easier to use ;)
please keep in mind that I've been using apophysis only for almost two years, so it may be not that technically unimpeachable :blushes:

A big thank you to =n8iveattitude1 =f--l--A--r--k =Meckie and ~fractal2cry for the awesome and funny param-pong session we had on the aposhack chatroom some days ago with these params :hug:! It really motivated me to share them with the whole community :aww:

you will obviously need lazysusan plugin for it: get it here!

EDIT: added a little tip to make it more customizable and understandable ;)

EDIT: you can check this tutorial from *YarNor too

I didn't know there was already one about lazyjulian :giggle: but methods are quite different ;)

this is an example from my gallery:

I haven't had this tutorial beta-tested by someone else, so if there are errors or problems, please let me know ;)
have fun :dance:!
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Realle nice tutorial! But I don't know what color symmetry means. I only see color speed, opacity and direct color... and it always turns out too dark to see anything. Even though I turn up to brightness and gamma. Maybe somebody got an idea what I am doing wrong?