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LazyJulian Apophysis Tutorial

By lindelokse
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A little tutorial about one of my favorite techniques for Apophysis :) Results may look similar to the julian rings technique, but I personally find lazysusan easier to use ;)
please keep in mind that I've been using apophysis only for almost two years, so it may be not that technically unimpeachable :blushes:

A big thank you to =n8iveattitude1 =f--l--A--r--k =Meckie and ~fractal2cry for the awesome and funny param-pong session we had on the aposhack chatroom some days ago with these params :hug:! It really motivated me to share them with the whole community :aww:

you will obviously need lazysusan plugin for it: get it here!

EDIT: added a little tip to make it more customizable and understandable ;)

EDIT: you can check this tutorial from *YarNor too

I didn't know there was already one about lazyjulian :giggle: but methods are quite different ;)

this is an example from my gallery:

I haven't had this tutorial beta-tested by someone else, so if there are errors or problems, please let me know ;)
have fun :dance:!
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Having some issues, after step 5, i still only have 3 dots. They are not "flaring/expanding" outwards. Any idea what i am doing incorrectly? 
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Very well done. I was able to understand your directions. I produced a similar fractal! Thank you! 
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WOW. THANK YOU! this makes me want to do fractals again! I LOVED Apophysis.
technochroma's avatar
A classic tutorial. Used it here: The Weaver's Muse by katdesignstudio
FakDshu's avatar
this is mine: Autumn , Pan
thanks for the tutorial :)
powerhcm8's avatar
I can't reach you style i my first try, but i get a cool sketch styled fractal.
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I new to apophysys. Can you tell me how to install the plugins please? Thanks. I love this tut, but I had to try it with just a sphere and it's not the same.
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hello, download the plugin pack linked in the artist comments. Then unpack it and copy the plugin you want and then paste it to the plugin folder of your apophysis installation. Hope it helped, can't explain in good in english.
goofygrmom3's avatar
Thanks tons.  Your English explanation is fine.
Princess-Suki-W's avatar
Thank you for this great tutorial :heart:
I'm gonna try it asap :D
rabbit2373's avatar
[link] here it is with a black background, a little better to see now.
rabbit2373's avatar
[link] is what i came up with after using this tutorial. im going to render it with a black background as well.
cmckibbinphotos's avatar
Thank you for the great tutorial! I came up with this [link]
Great tutorial!! Here's what I got so far! [link] and [link] Thank you!!
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I'm not very happy with my result, but then again... I'm a complete newbie at Apophysis and fractals. :D

Thanks for an awesome tutorial! [link]
pedrokryan's avatar
dude when I put the puglins in my apo7 plugins folder I get error's that some .dll files are missing?
nalia's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing this! :)
libella's avatar
I recently checked back to your page because I got a notify saying you added the flower I made to the collection of stuff done with the help of your tutorials. Thanks for that btw. While I was browsing, I realized you had this other amazing tutorial, that made me think "too bad my apophysis installation never makes pics like that". Since I had some spare motivation, I gave it a shot and... well... [link]
Although I got completely lost on the part of the texturing, I still like the outcome a lot. Thanks for your amazing tutorials. The results are fantastic and still easier to follow than some others. I wouldn't mind if you got bored and made another one... or two... hahaha
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