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Apophysis 7x
minor curves adjustments in Photoshop :)

curl3d + falloff2 + 3d stuff ;) so much time with no fractaling!!!
As usual, some more raw test renders with different coloring: [link] It became so suddenly cold here so I felt like picking a wintry colour scheme!

Fullview please!
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Look so real...This artwork shows the power of fractal
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oh my gosh this is astounding!
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This is so cool......
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A long time ago, when flame fractals were just beginning to make their rounds, ifs and fern fractals were talked about constantly. One of their main talking points, was how fractals could be used to model realistic plants... but.. they never quite arrived there, remaining quasi-2d and lackluster.

I think this piece actually jumps that boundary. Incredible depth, engaging details, and a realistic quality rarely found in this type of fractal. :clap:
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Hey this ones an Imaginary Foundation shirt too. Awesome artwork
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This my absolute favorite fractal anyone had ever created...ever. I had this as my desktop for quite some time before getting into fractals myself. Some day I hope myself to be able to create something so flowing, surreal, and grand! :) The deep copper on blue, the sharpness, the details, DoF...It's all just PERFECT!
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in the movie "lost in space" there was an time halo, in the left of this Picture is the halo and at right the plants looking like plants in movie too.
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You're profoundly surreal and lucid in visual texture ability. All your pieces are exciting to view
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magnique, je suis novice et souhaiterais savoir combien de temps passé pour une de ces sublimes images,PS:pourquoi ce que j ecris est déformé merci d avance</font></font>
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This is so beautiful
Wow! I really don't know what your process is in making these. I look at them, and I am in awe. And the majority of this work is produced in Apophysis 7x?
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wow, how do you do this?! im so amazed, its beautiful
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most impressive!
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spettacolo O_O
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this is just AMAZING! surely the best fractal I've ever seen!
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so beutiful! love it!
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Simply stunning as always - your Apo work absolutely blows me away - amazing stuff :D
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Just fantastic, really well done.
Nicely colored, almost looks like a photo :clap:
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beautiful one !;)
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This artwork is feature in my last news :Fractal in the nature : Snowflakes
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