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Apophysis, rendered with chaotica.

Such a long time since I last made a fractal! I remember why I enjoyed it so much :)

Fullview please!
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I love how this one is fire juxtaposed against what looks like snow or ice. Or maybe it's down feathers growing into adult feathers, or an adult bird being comforted in the memory of down feathers. I don't know. I am reminded of the story of the Firebird where she helps the prince rescue the frozen kingdom that had been turned to stone. Maybe this is the feather she left behind for the prince so he could call her for help whenever he needed--anyway, I like how it's light and airy like a peacock feather as opposed to thicker like a hawk or goose.
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Stunning!  One hot flame!
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amazingHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Pink Flower Heart Emote -Free2Use Pink Flower Heart Emote -Free2Use Pink Flower Heart Emote -Free2Use Pink Flower Heart Emote -Free2Use Pink Flower Heart Emote -Free2Use Pink Flower Heart Emote -Free2Use 
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beautiful Chiara :clap: happy to see you posting :)
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Stunning! :deviation: Cheers, Coco
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amazing colouring :love:
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Very precious work. A wonderful artwork, imo :love:
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thank you Jorge!! :thanks: so kind of you!
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Maybe make more of those? ^^
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:wow: Amazing work! :clap:
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thank you very much :) !!!
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very cool :faint:
I was thinking hmm this kind of style i haven't seen in a while. Then scrolled down and saw it was made by you :D
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Thank you ;)
I tried classic things first, to see if I was still able to make anything :D
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good to see something from you again :)
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oh to see something from you is amazing....i miss you! i trust you are well and happy and busy with your life!! :heart:
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aww light, sweetheart :hug:!!! I'm very very fine and happy indeed :)
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thAt is so awesome!!! good luck to you in all things! Light!~
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