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Apophysis 7x and a little photoshop for hsb adjustments ;)
I really like this flame style :boogie: more sparkles, more color variety and busy design this time :)

more of this kind from my gallery, based on ~skellorg's tutorial:

fullview please! critique very welcome :giggle:
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I really enjoyed the visual flavor of this piece. It reminds me of the galaxy pictures captured by satellites and recolored by visionary artists. Beautiful fantasy art that uses opposing colors and lighting to attract the eye to the center of the bloom. The kaleidoscope refraction fragments remind me of light spots bouncing off a diamond and the shadows look like the bright light is chasing them away, as if because of the bright blooming, the darkness was banished. It could be the precise moment after the bright explosion of light, when the shadows realized that there was nothing they could say that this particular flower would pay attention to. Or it could be the opposite, where the darkness is finding a way to wind into its heart and eventually snuff the light. Either way, it's a beautiful representation of movement and possibility. Very well done.