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Apophysis Blooms Tutorial



Well, I got permission from the lovely ~skellorg to publish this tutorial based on her wonderful "Tips for textures with crackle" tutorial, sadly no longer available here on deviantART.
This is also based on "Blob Spirals" tutorial [link] by ~Zueuk. I warmly suggest you to check it as well, for it's one of the best I've ever found.
Credits for the first part of the technique I'm describing must go to them, so please show them your appreciation, respect and gratitude.

As kindly requested by Susan, in this tutorial you won't find exact values to use but ranges of values. I really hope this could help to experiment more and find your own way. Actually there are no precise values to get these results, so I find it more correct to be this way.
It's easy to follow, but a basic knowledge of apophysis is required :blushes:. I tried to provide you a lot of suggestions to help you tweaking and customizing, but remember that there are tons of awesome other plugins for apophysis, and that you can also apply texturing, use a different final transform, and use xaos and linked transforms to get something new and interesting. Also, this kind of flame can become many other things different than a flower if you don't add cross, so go experiment the most you can :)

Thank you to all my beloved beta testers of the aposhack chatroom :thanks:!

check here -> [link] to have a look at the lovely results fellow deviants got from this tutorial :love:!!!

update: 3D version available ;)

in the Aposhack Plugin Pack [link] you will find all the plugins you need. Just don't put all plugins in your plugins folder at once, or apophysis will crash.
I WON'T REPLY ANYMORE TO COMMENTS ASKING ME WHERE TO FIND PLUGINS. people, please... please read the description, make a little research, or at least check previous comments and replies, instead of keep on asking me the same thing over and over...
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