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Photomanipulation; Using Adobe PSE 10
Credits go to:… FEMALE… TEXTURE… DAISY

Image details
Image size
3998x3520px 6.72 MB
Canon EOS 550D
Shutter Speed
1/256 second
Focal Length
100 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 21, 2010, 10:37:42 PM
Sensor Size
© 2014 - 2021 LindArtz
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Thanks so much! :)
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Very powerful image. :winner:
LindArtz's avatar
Thank you kindly! (I enjoy so much painting!) :sun:
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Always a pleasure, Ma'am. :iconbobross:
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Really very beautiful! :iconahhplz:
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 Thank you! I quite enjoyed this one! :) :heart:
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Always a pleasure, dear Linda! :iconamandaplz:
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Linda - Vulnerability is a favourite theme in art, see for example this image by Edvard Munch (of "The Scream" fame) ==>…

The charge was and still is levelled by some critics that the artist is exploiting the subject and her vulnerability under the pretext of art for his and the viewers' more base instincts. Any view on this?

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I'm not sure which image you wanted me to see; there are a slew of (VERY good! ) paintings there! I googled the painting name specifically,  and didn't have much better luck.
I did see "The Scream" painting, however...
Based on that, and other paintings I saw there....I have to say, yes, he's exploiting them. I disagree it's "under the pretext of art", however.

If a painting is a poem without words, then isn't it necessary to do all in the artitst's power, to make the viewer understand the meaning behind the work? The feelings involved, etc....To make the view 'feel' that??
Regardless if he did it for (fun), to entertrain a personal thrill, etc...The bottom line is, he did a superior job of getting his message across in his artwork.
That is the intent, right?
He did a marvelous job. I'm glad he didn't let critics or anyone, influence his intentions. A lot to be learnt there. (especially that Scream painting! Wow, impressive!! Almost makes one experience what schizophrenia must be like. Scary. and powerful!  )
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Linda - It was this image in particular ==>…  - perhaps that is a better link. However, your comment suggests that you have entered the world according to Munch.

Sounds, too, as if you've got some good ideas about the role of the artist - "That is the intent, right?" - spot on. An artist is some one who makes images for a purpose, with intent. If the artist succeeds, then we can call the image at least a work of the artist - perhaps an artwork, a work of art.

There is no correct answer to the critics charge other than "it all depends". "What is wrong with exploitation if there is a greater good served?", would be another tack. Regarding Munch, I do not think he was exploiting young vulnerable women for lewd or base ends. He was himself a complex and probably quite vulnerable man. You could say that he was painting himself as well as the girl. "The Scream" was the result of him suddenly, when out walking with friends, being overcome with a feeling of dread and nightmarish horror. Perhaps that was some sort of psychotic episode, but he was smart enough to record it as the painting, and as many variations. He made some money from it and he became quite famous.

Glad you like Edvard, Linda.

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Ah yes, that link was perfect! What a great work! :) I'm a tad dismayed though, that my idea wasn't an original. :lol: lolz

Yes I agree with you; no exploitation for the sake of malice, only for the sake of understanding! And he did a damned FINE job! 

"The Scream" to me, as I said, looks like what schizophrenia might be like; but after reading what you have just shared with me, I rather now think it was panic attacks, or agoraphobia even; but the first guess, in his  case at least, I would dare guess to be the correct one. 

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Linda - "tad dismayed...." complete originality in art is very rare! It is the idea that provides a framework for exploration. Your interpretation is just as valid. Probably worth another visit or several.

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Aww thanks for that, David! :tighthug:!!!
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[Very] Nicely conceptualized & portrayed, all things in delicate balance... =D
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Thank you kindly, V, darling! :) :glomp:!!
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Very nice of you... :sun:
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Gorgeous work Linda! :heart: 
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Thanks! It was a blast to make as well, Dawn. :hug: :)
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Linda girl!  Ohlala!! Love 
LindArtz's avatar
Yepper, I done did away wit da clothes. :lol: :)
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You have taken off her clothes!^^ That's very naughty :lol: but implemented well!
LindArtz's avatar
Indeedy I have! Can't get anymore "vulnerable" than that. :) ^^
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