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Shanghai White Night


Photomanipulation; Using Adobe PSE 10

 Dedicated to: :iconkay-march: and :iconshep4life: Who have birthdays coming up on the 24th and the 30th. Happy Birthday, guys! :party:

Credits go to:… WOMAN… CITY… ROOM… LAMP

frankandcarystock.deviantart.c… CHAIR… TABLE… FLOOR…  CEILING FAN

White Stock 4 by TrisStock Shanghai 7 by almudena-stock Old factory Stock 235 by Malleni-Stock

Image details
Image size
2838x1742px 1.07 MB
Canon EOS 10D
Shutter Speed
1/250 second
Focal Length
19 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 26, 2007, 5:20:44 AM
Sensor Size
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Wow, I really like this one!!!:D (Big Grin)  Clap Heart 
LindArtz's avatar
Thanks, Donna!  This one I had probably the most fun working with from all my works. :) :sun:!
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You are very welcome Linda, I love the atmosphere of this photomanip, it turned out lovely! :) :hug: :heart:
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Stunning work my dear Linda♡♡♡
LindArtz's avatar
Thanks so much; great fun, this one! :) :sun: :hug:!!
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Linda this is fantastic!!!! :love:  I love how you've done this! :wow:  What an amazing gift! :aww:
LindArtz's avatar
:D Thank you so much, Vin! (It's so good to see you, Vin :glomp:!!! )  I really enjoyed making this, and quite like the outcome myself.  Thanks again, Vin. For everything. :hug:!!!
Applemac12's avatar
For sure my dear! :hug:  Aww it's always great to see you Linda! :tighthug:
Yeah I'm sure that you do!  Every time I think you've done your best work you come along with a new one and top it! :dalove:  You're just too amazing Linda! :iconwinner-plz:
My pleasure indeed! :bow: :huggle:
LindArtz's avatar
Awww thanks, Vin.  Sometimes, I don't know from where the inspiration comes myself....Thanks so much, Vin. :tighthug:!!!
Applemac12's avatar
Just being honest my dear Linda! :nod:  He he - we'd probably be quite surprised if we all actually really knew! :giggle:
Always for you Linda! :heart: :cuddle:
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TriciaS's avatar
It couldn't get more exquisite!!!!Lovely one!!
LindArtz's avatar
Thank you Tricia :) I really like this one myself. :hug: :heart:!!
caddman's avatar
Beautiful job...:heart:
LindArtz's avatar
Thanks so much Skot! :hug: :heart:!!
caddman's avatar

always a pleasure, my friend :iconslipperyhugplz: ...:heart:
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I sense a slightly more complex image to construct than some, Linda - 5 objects including the woman, placed meticulously in the surrounds which themselves comprise 3 layers, the bottom one of Shanghai itself has been startlingly enlarged and coloured to a dramatic night  effect. The woman in white (Ah - Wilkie Collins eat your heart out!) completes the title. My immediate feeling is that the image reminds me of an Edward Hopper night image but his images were to do with loneliness in the big city, and I'm not sure this woman is lonely. As is often the case, you create an enigma for the viewer - is the woman waiting for someone and if so in what context? The "Emmanuelle" chair is suggestive of an amorous liaison, but perhaps not.


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Oh wow thanks for that link, David! It was instant love!  I never heard of him but his work is amazing! I could even see why my piece here brought him to mind for you. I am delighted to be compared. :woohoo:  (I'll have to look up Wilkie Collins too, now I'm curious :) ^^ )
I adore "Automat" and "Chop Suey" Just wonderful! :heart:

I was trying to create a certain 'mood' here; not necessarily lonely, per se; but her definitely missing someone (far away); her being all dressed up and nowhere to go...That kind of atmosphere. I think I succeeded. ^^

"Haunting". I like that! :heart:  Thank you, as always David, for your thoughtful input! :hug:!!
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"All dressed up and nowhere to go." That's an old one for me, Linda. That was a common expression in my boyhood - possibly because after the War, people started to have small amounts of money and could buy "good" clothes. But, social opportunities had not kept pace - going to the "pictures" (cinema) still being the main night out for most people.

LindArtz's avatar
Going to the movies, still really is one of my favorite things; but I can't do it as 'others', and their noise, make it impossible to enjoy.  And with the crazy cost of admittance now days, I rather just wait for it to come on Netflix....Especially if the show is something fairly cerebral; hard to get into in such an environment..... I remember hearing that saying a lot too, in my youth; never knew where it originated from though.  :)  ^^
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Agreed - too much noise in movie venues and too expensive. 
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