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Play with me Pet!

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Just a little something to try and get me back in the swing of things...I've been out of practice since August, and wow, doe it makes a difference! :psychotic:  I found myself forgetting where tools were. :lol:  ...A little darker (in coloring) than my usual style...

   Created for the contest at TheFairyGarden :iconthefairygarden:…    I've been wanting to do something with
her stock child piece since I first saw it.  (Get well soon, Tina) :icontinalouiseuk:

Credits go to:…   Fairy/child…  RAT…    ROCK…   TREE…   FLOWERS…         FLOWERS 2 WHITE…     WINGS…       TEXTURE…     WINGS 2
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Lovely, but a little bit scary.  I wonder how much damage a petulant fairy can do?
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hehehe :laughing:  Thanks, Steve!   And I agree with you! LOL

This was done for a contest; not naturally inspired... one can always tell the difference, I think...  I'm surprised it got half the attention and faves it got, to be honest, as I don't really care for it myself at all. :laughing:

Thanks again, my friend! :aww:!! :hug:!!
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So lovely and cute work, amazing and magical garden, nicely done Linda:heart:
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Wow!  This is very good!
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nice work and is so cuteLove 
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Linda, I got a great big smile and kick out of this one, thank you! It is just adorable!

You usually see fairies all happy, joyful, flitful, whatnot- (not always), but can't say I've seen one with this expression- it's such a wonderful and awesome piece!
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Oh yes, this was for a contest; not what I'd typically do...good eye, Tea! lol
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Wow, a fairy girl has a fairy rat, lol. Great one Linda.:aww:
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This one didn't come out at all as I'd wanted.  I should have taken more time... Just one of those pieces I wasn't really into I guess... Thanks  anyway though. :aww!
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You are most welcome dear and it is always my pleasure.:aww:
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first time in my life i see a fairy rat!
Cute work!!
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Haha you and me both! :lol:  ( don't know what I'd do if I actually saw a real one; probably faint. LOL )   Thank you, Luke. :aww:!! :heart:!
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Love the concept :)
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Thank you, Tom! Heart Love 
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Clap Just wonderful,love this!! Great work!!Pixel icon - Flower - F2U 
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