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(Not) a Boy, with a Basket of Fruit

Photomanipulation; Using Adobe PSE 14, and 10

My rendition, in the spirit of "Boy with a Basket of Fruit" by, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio - the "master of light", according to my good friend David, (for without whom, I would still probably know next to nothing about art!  This one is dedicated to you, dearest friend. Thank you so much, for your gift of friendship, and for all that you do for me. You can never know just how very much appreciated you are! :hug:  :) :iconokavanga:

...The pose if off I know...but I painted it on a different day - so that's to be expected. (he shifted his body and such)... :lol:

I did manage to manipulate the face pretty well though, I think... To where if the stock pose was to match Carvaggio's subject, my guy could be almost a dead ringer for him. (to my eyes, at least)

I found myself learning much whilst doing this piece about light (which I ADORE - and shadows as well - another thing which I find I very much enjoy. As well as learnt a great deal about the use of different colors to add, or take away...aiding effects to the lighting, shading process.  
Great fun this project has been. ^^  And David, if you are reading this, please, you can never die. :heart: :glomp:

I'm not sure if I'm done with it or not though...I'm such a nit picker...

Credits go to:

Tuxedo Jay Sitting 6 by SenshiStock…    BACKGROUND…   FACE, TORSO AND HAND…   SHEET…     BASKET…   GRAPES…  FRUIT…   RED BERRIES…   LEAF 1…   LEAF 2…   HAIR…   TEXTURE
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I really like how you do your manipulations.  Light years ago I used to do them in the days of PSP7 & PSP9.  I'm practicing, but for the life of me can't remember how I did cutouts.  One of these days I'll figure it out and get back into it, as it always gave me a lot of tranquility and peace, getting lost in the work.  This one is very good work!
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Thank you Steve!  Yes it's a challenge for sure (albeit a fun one); and I reckon when I do get my photoshop up and running again I too, (after more than a year away) will need a refresher course for some things. (I was Just getting good at it too, around the time I had to put things in storage... )
Anyway, a quick google of "how to cut out an object using: *insert photoshop of your choice here*, should help tons with that. And there are many videos out there too, on youtube as well, which help make it even easier.
I agree, one can lose themselves for hours in photoshop - VERY addictive! :lol:

I remember when I first came to this site (upon hubby's non-let up insistence...(I was not an arty person, but a writer, so I had no real interest at the time) but after his hounding me, because the site he found to be That exciting - and he was only amateur photographer... (to shut him up more or less :lol: I opened an account here).   I have to say, I tried my hand at drawing-digital to some success (was kind of fun, although my stuff looks like it was created by a child). I tried my hand at freehand drawing. Hubby got me loads of art stuff that Christmas, and I was really getting into it, uploading drawings, (but again, not very good, imo) 
I did see photomanips here and there around the site. But back then I looked upon them (as some traditional artists still do) as not "art". But I saw them as "pasting other people's work into one's own picture.  Until one day!  I was looking at a particular work, and something made me examine the stock used. (I had never done that before!! )   And I can't begin to tell you, the Changes that went into that stock work and the final image was so impressive and astounding to me! I could not believe such a thing could be created using photoshop. The excitement was intense and it inspired me such and piqued my interest, I just Had to try my hand! Then later, trying to duplicate some of the masters (such as here),...Also Van Gogh, Monet,... The fact it Could be achieved (more or less) was another catapult for me.  And of course, huge excitement for me (as someone who can't much draw to save my life - but always wished I could) discovering this "Art" form - for that's what I Do realize now, it IS, was like heaven for me...Enabling me to fulfill my long time desire to create artworks; and really feel fulfilled with the end product (by my own standards), is an amazing feeling. 

So yeah...sorry to be such a wind bag! :blush:  But getting back into it again, I know you would enjoy. And sounds like you are ready, too.  And especially if you enjoyed doing the cutting out part before... Maybe think about being a stock provider with some of your end products. Save some of your cut outs maybe in PNG form. :)!!  But I would encourage you to read up more and apply your hand at new techniques you will learn and create manips!  I know I have lots more to learn myself - and perhaps never will learn it all. But it's great fun!!
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Thanks so much :)!!
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Learning from the Masters - good plan!
Great work Linda
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I did try! :lol: ^^   Thanks Jon! :)!
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Thanks Shlomit! :)!
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It's lovely Linda!  You've captured the lighting very well!  :clap:
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Thanks Pam :) It was a fun little project. ^^
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Caravaggio, one of my favorite artists! Your rendition is absolutely lovely Linda! :) :clap:
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Thanks Donna! :)  Yes he really was an amazing artist!  This was a fun little project. ^^
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You're quite welcome Linda! It looks like it was a lot of fun, or I imagine it would be :)
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It really was. :)  Thanks again, Donna. :)!!
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Lips were taken from a woman? ;p
LindArtz's avatar
No, drawn by me! :blush:
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That is why it is feminine! :giggle:
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lot of fun here!! beautiful! Bliss 
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Yes, it really was a blast! Thanks for noticing that. :D :glomp:!!
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wonderful work Linda.
It has a lot of GOYA despite the Caravaggio inspiration :hug:
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I just looked him up...I've got to say I really can see what you are saying! :D  I've book marked the site of his art, for possible future inspiration.  Thank you Riki!!! :)! :hug: :heart:!!
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