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Mother Nature: Taking Back The Planet


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Beautiful, I like that busty and whorish visual representation of mother nature, very realistic after all.

Personally I'd put planes in the place of cars.

Their climate change is pure bs. The climate is ongoing changing, as everything else in nature. Their electric is so much worse than any combustion engine. Let's not forget that co2 is the engine of life on the Earth, more co2 more green, and more oxygen. In the past the co2 level on the Earth was very much greater, when the greenery and life was more strong and luxuriant than now. Actually they'are enemy of life, and they always spread and proclaim the exact opposite of the truth.

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I agree with all you've said about the image except for the 'whorish', comment.

I did not mean at all for this work to come across that way.

I meant to show Mother Nature, "pregnant - with earth - literally", as her belly shows. And how She wins, literally everything, in the end - ( as she stands triumphantly upon a mass of dead cars) ; she stops us all in our tracks quite literally, eventually; and we have to work feverishly in the meantime, to control her - the little bit that we can control nature - and if we can even call that 'control' ; i.e. chopping down vegetation; building buildings, as protection against the elements, and dams, to control water flow; just to name a few. )

So even if climate change was real, ( seeing as how things are going politically.. with the more I see, I believe it is not real, but a calculated excuse - for 'where' monies that are being spent, will be going. )

My country's President, is the biggest joke of all, when he pushes this climate change rhetoric, and then shows up in Italy - for a "Make the earth green", meeting, with 80 huge cars in tow, blowing their exhaust all over Italy; and then to make matters worse, he falls asleep during the speaker's speech.

Yeah, nothing says "I'm serious" quite like that!

( Also, they want us to "take the pandemic serious! " - Yet have our borders wide open, allowing strange people from all over the world to enter into the USA. ( during a 'pandemic' - remember. ) - Then they wants to say it's the American people's fault, who are not wearing masks, that the virus is spreading..


They will always have someone to blame for Their mistakes

- of which, - there are Many - in this administrations short time in office; and their mistakes and stupidity just keeps increasing.

1Eres's avatar

Beautiful reply. Yes everything must flow freely in nature, control it is not good thing for us. Currently the stupidity is the unchallenged master. Ok, then it was my personal interpretation of image, but I think it is a necessary aspect found in the nature. In my opinion, another thing missing in the image is the dark side of nature, the suffering, key part of this material world.

Politician are all jokers and actors, politic is a functional tool to divide and control the masses of sheep to led to the slaughter. I don't need leaders or sheperds. Everyone should be a leader of himself. Autarchy and anarchy.

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"Currently the stupidity is the unchallenged master"

- I Love that! :love: Thank you! And I am going to borrow that phrase and throw it in the faces of all those who support this insane administration.

But on that note, I must admit, that even the dems supporters, through seeing with their own eyes what this administration is doing, ( and more importantly, what they are Not doing! ) ... Is exactly what it took to wake up a large part of America, finally.

It's sad that it had to happen. But truly, there was no other way it could have happened - I truly believe that - for the level of 'blind', in some groups, was, and with some, still is, that bad.

Even the pandemic itself is working to show people how much this administration does not care about the American people; when they let people through our borders during this time.

Any other time - allowing people through our borders might have shown them to be great carers about human life and freedoms, from abroad; and I think most Americans wouldn't mind at all the influx of people under those circumstances. I know I certainly wouldn't have cared.

But since it's happening during a pandemic, (when this administration should be doing what they are getting paid to do - which is to protect the country and its' people at all costs; and keep us safe ) instead they allows entry en masse to the country. That act makes it clear they care not one iota about the American people; but have another agenda. And that is getting the votes of these illegal immigrants - and paying them for those votes! ( if you haven't heard, they plan to give each illegal immigrant family $450,000 dollars! - that's almost half a million! )

And they do this - all at a time while "knowing", and saying with their own mouths that "they are aware that Americans are suffering greatly financially, and desperately need help". - and yet, over a year later from those continuous words, we Americans, the lawful and tax paying citizens of the country, have received very little help from them - and not recurring help at ALL, as other countries - who genuinely "care" about their people, show by actually providing recurring help for their people; as incentive to stay indoors; and feel secure they won't starve or lose their homes.

I'll explain why the enlightening of the people is going over the democrats heads; and why they are still in a fog as to the fact that all people - even world over - can now plainly see them for exactly what they are, and what they are doing.

And that is because for decades, the democrats have been promising people - mostly the black race - things, (and they do it like clockwork, only at election time ;) ) to garner votes; and then once they win they don't make good on their promises.

And yet -

these voters continue to vote from them, - every time; as they are given false hope and told what the dems know they want to hear; they prey (deliberately ) upon these people and their victimhood ( which the government, by the way, caused to happen in the first place and only they ever had the power to do so! - and it's still them doing so, as they allow the black community to destroy it self and tell the cops to stand down ! It's never been the the deeds of the American people )

And so they, like clockwork, every election, come forward with their evil agenda, promising false hope to the down-trodden, getting their votes; and then Never deliver their promises. And yet, even with the failed delivery; with their continuous sweet talk at every election time, they never killed the peoples' hope; but that - their hope, is the name of their game.

Enter the pandemic.

And they are using the same tactics. and expecting the same results.

But the difference this time, is that the American people, in the past when the dems didn't deliver on their promises, the people were disappointed, sure, but... they never really 'lost' anything that made their life any different in a lesser way to before the election.

But now.

People are losing so much; destruction is everywhere; our way of life and ease to which we've become accustomed to living is quickly sleeping away - along with our safety, too. And people are really - Feeling it.

And that.

Is what this government didn't calculate into their devious plan. ( but of course they couldn't, for that would take a caring person who puts other first to think like that - and they just do Not care; not about Americans; and not even about the illegals. They view the illegals as nothing more than their useful idiots; as a means of getting what they want. And what they want - and hunger to keep - is their power.

And once they give them citizenship they will kick them in the face, too.

But another - and most important thing the dems never calculated into their scheme, is the individual minds and the intellects of the illegals.

And the illegals just might come to be Americas saving grace in the end. And I can only pray to God they will be.

For having fled from their own respective countries, from minds just like the biden administration, - dictators, specifically; they can see this administration exactly for what they are; even clearer they can see them than Americans have come to see them. ( and again, because of what they were made to feel, in their respective countries, by the hand of the dictator)

And hopefully, when they get behind that closed curtain to vote, they will exercise their new found freedom - and vote for who they choose to vote for. And thumb their nose completely at biden and his agenda.

And for that? In my opinion, they would deserve every penny of the money they get; and most certainly would be the better Americans.

1Eres's avatar

Freedom and health come first, next safety. You have described nothing but the world policy situation. Here too in Europe there is a strong immigration policy, where immigrated get a financial and logistical support that no European local can ever get. The parties promise apparently good things and when they are elected to parliaments and go to thegovernments, they always make the exact opposite. Politics is a big theater of hardened liars. And you know well that viewers cannot influence in any way on the plot movie. To vote is functional to (them) control system, actually it does nothging for people. People should understand this once and for all. Democracy is a empty word, especially today. The truly extraordinary thing for me, is how people can still believe in political charade.

I don't like politics and talk about it, but you led me on this bad track :) it's always interesting to Interact with you. There would be many other things to add, for instance about the real nature of the power behind the so-called democracies. But that's another story.

I wish a good and sunny Sunday to you.

LindArtz's avatar

It's interesting; before Donald Trump was President, I never in my life paid attention to politics, I never understood the little I'd heard, nor had I any interest at all. I just sensed instinctively too, that they are all liars, and playing a game; and caring personalities I never sensed to be in the picture at all from any of them.

And so not until Donald Trump (whom I love, by the way, and would vote for again in a heart beat! Because the man is not a politician - his agenda was completely different to theirs - he loves his country; and most importantly, he was already wealthy; he was not in it for money or power, and that's what sets him wide apart from all the other politicians - and it's why they all hate him so fiercely, and turned on him. Donald Trump exposed them all to the entire country - and to the world - for what they are, and for what they are doing. ( or I should say, he helped confirm what we all suspected, but could never, before him, prove)

When he was in office, He DID for the country all which he promised; that which all before him said was impossible; he made American safe, and more prosperous - for the People; and man, do they Hate the guy for it. ( for showing them up for the bull-shitting liars they all are, and they fact that, they too, could have done more - Much more for us - if they wanted to. )

So only due to President Trump, and to the current state of affairs in my country due to the biden administration, do I pay attention at all. Because I know it's in my absolute best interest and to everyone's best interest to pay attention, even though I loath the entire show.

God has allowed this to happen, in order to open up the eyes of the people and to do it for us all at the same time. God, through Donald Trump, has uncovered for us that which their lies can never again, cover up; no matter how sweet their words.

And you are right - and it's something I quickly could see too, once I began paying attention... And that is the fact of disbelief - that anyone "can still believe in political charade". Voting is a total waste of time, it's all rigged in their favor. That is crystal clear.

The only good thing that came out of all of this, - due to our suffering - (because we Never forget that which we are made to FEEL) , is that people's eyes have been widely opened to the truth; to just how corrupt they all are; to what they are doing; and to the fact they genuinely don't care - about any of us. It's only their own power and pursuit of wealth - that they ever will care about, and will destroy anyone who gets in their way.

They will save their own asses every time, and ignore the people completely.

Many, or most people, in my country, have had our heads too far up our own asses; and we need to pull them out and stay vigilant from here on in; to keep up with our own laws and to actively and collectively prevent any politicians at every turn, from trying to tear down and destroy our constitution.

Anyway.. I know you already know, and understand all of this, you probably have for many years.

But I write for others too who may be reading, who might, only now, be on their own road to enlightenment.

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stunningly absolutely beautiful gorgeous diamond masterpiece!!!!!

LindArtz's avatar

Thanks so much, Vladimir!!! :tighthug: :heart:

stalker034's avatar

my pleasure, my dear friend Linda:tighthug::heart:

SCPhotoArtRedux's avatar

Beautiful work Linda! Great topic and very well done. :clap:

LindArtz's avatar

Thanks so much, Steven, and for the badge too!!! :) :heart:

eyepilot13's avatar

That's awesome hair!

A great thought put into visual art!

LindArtz's avatar

Yeah, thanks! :) I had been working on it for a while now,.. unsure how I felt about it... I was thinking to just toss it out as I wasn't happy with it at all.

Then the idea of adding the peacock came, and with it a new inspiration. Everything just fell into place after that.

eyepilot13's avatar

I think it's beautiful and epic looking with a great message! :heart:

LindArtz's avatar

I got a large part of my inspiration from hypocrite biden's recent visit to Italy; where upon he attended a meeting for the "New Green Deal" - and arrived with 80 big cars in tow - yes you read that right - Eighty! ( imagine the pollution! )

Nothing says "I'm serious" quite like that eh? And "falling asleep while the woman was talking". ;)

Many thanks, Pilotman!!! :heart:

eyepilot13's avatar

The PoB (PresidentofBiden) and other "great" leaders have the biggest carbon footprint attending these things in their jets with cars. Meanwhile PoB wants everyone to go electric and lets not forget the biggest polluter... the US military complex!

LindArtz's avatar

Yep. All of that. :(

In the meanwhile, our lives, all of us - are headed down hill, fast.

I can't imagine if things are this bad now, how it will look 3 years from now.

It's very scary.

I've never despised a President before, as I do biden.

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Very expessive and well done :clap:

LindArtz's avatar

Thank you so much, Canan!!! :D :hug: :heart:

Vitani4000's avatar

This is stunning!

LindArtz's avatar

Thank you soooo much!!! :D :tighthug: :heart:

happytimer's avatar

Awesome Linda dearest!!!!!!!:clap:

LindArtz's avatar

Thank you, Liisa!!! :) :heart:

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Breath takeing dear Linda wonderfull work dear friend love this very much:love::heart:

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