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Things Are Not Always As They May Seem. Avatar 24 by smault23 Avatar 23 by smault23… <<< CLICKY

Rainbow Heart [Free to use] by Milkate My DD's, Click Here Rainbow Heart [Free to use] by Milkate
Important message of the day and of every day: "There is ONE TRUE GOD. And one God Only."
"Even the Demons BELIEVE. And Tremble". James 2:19 :thumbsup::heart:!!!

You're Welcome by KmyGraphic
FOR EVERYTHING! hearts 2 by poisen2014

Sunflower by KmyGraphic Linda by VladNoxArt :iconlindartz: Nurture one Another by LindArtz

Proud to be American by Wearwolfaa Lindartz   Stamp By Me2smart4u-dckzww3 Mine by LindArtz Proud to be Russian by Wearwolfaa

Cat Chasing Butterfly by LOVEMAYU

DeviantArt World Map <<<< CLICKY
Heart Emotion by AStoKo

I Suggest DDs by ClefairyKid Too Many Favorites Stamp by kyphoscoliosis
Jesus Stamp by SuperSonicGirl79135 Stamp002 by BiBiARTs I Draw For.. -STAMP- by HoneyAppleNinja Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008 I Love Cats  by LindArtz

-Tag Free Zone-1 by KenSaunders ALL TAGGERS will be shot! :minigun: by Mrichston
Survivors will be shot again. .:Thank you little bear:. by Chipi-Chiu

The Hi Stamp by SailorSolar

First thing to know about me:

If you're the jealous type, enjoy drama, think you should have it all - whilst begrudging others good things - which they deserve - because they have worked for it. Then you and I will not get along.
I suggest you move along because I will not allow you to waste my time. Character means everything to me; friends in my book, feel happy for their friends' (or even their associates) accomplishments; not resentful. And should the occasional jealousy creep in, for God's sake at least have the decency to hide it; don't withhold praise and good wishes when it's deserved. This is an Art site; and a "friend" will nurture a "friend". Life is too short to put up with self serving parasites.

That said. Due to problems with drama queens, I'm forced to revise my policies pertaining to this site and friendships, etc...
Unless you have gotten to know me on the boards first - and I mean over time - not just days or weeks - or even mere months; please do not private note me.
(Unless I can be of help to you somehow, of course, pertaining to DeviantArt)...In which case, please make it known in the subject line of your note and I'll be happy to help you if I can. Also, I can't stand sock puppets (of the deceitful type) ; they are pretty obvious you know, even when a person tries to act different. Certain things just comes through and can be felt through the internet cables.
I realize some of us may have other accounts non-malicious, and want to visit that account at times just to chill out, rest, lurk, etc; I am not talking about you people, and there is nothing wrong with that. This message is for the A-holes who think they are pulling something over the rest of us...

...I do not play TAG!!!
Also, I don't exchange emails. Except with a select few whom I have gotten to know well; so please don't ask until then. Should there be an exception, such as a future business transaction, that will change matters. However, I don't foresee that happening as I create art for fun only, and not for profit.

I am a faving NUT; so know this, don't feel obligated to thank me for every single one - as typically they will be many.
Nor will not thanking me effect my coming back to do it again! :mwahaha:

bunneh icon1 by WeirdBunnehClub Just because I watch you does not mean you have to watch me in return!!! I can not stress this enough! I genuinely love art and those I watch, it's for their art first and fore-most,...I have no expectations of you... just an FYI... :iconnomglompplz:

I love all animals, especially cats! small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae :kitty: :meow: :love: moonflower by mintyy

A writer of poetry; I've been writing almost forever...

I've taken to writing short stories as well which I've found I very much enjoy. (all for my own pleasure I might add, just to be clear. )

Also, I discovered the world of photomanipulations when I first joined DeviantArt and I've been hooked on them ever since. - as well as hooked on the many wonderful, warm, kind, and caring people, whom make up the majority of DeviantArt. :heart:
If you've never looked at the stock used to create a photomanipulation, and thus, the incredible talents and hours of work realized, which goes into creating such art, I strongly suggest you do so. It will really open up your eyes, as it did mine; inspire, and challenge you. I've learned so much since joining this site and have been humbled by what defines, and constitutes "art". Photo-manipulating allows those of us who can't draw, paint, etc...but whom are driven by inspiration to do so, to 'create' and enjoy the feeling of production and fulfillment the process and the end result entails. It also affords a great creative hobby to some traditional artists who, upon taking breaks from traditional art... have found they can expand upon their creative whimsy in this way.

This site both excites and stimulates (why does that sound dirty? lolz ), making me want to push myself and do so much more! - Soooo many talented and caring people here! Get to know them!! :love:

Feel free to comment my work... do it cautiously however, because you day I AM going to be famous! (Kidding darlings!!! LOL :woohoo: )

Thanks for breezing through my personal space. Enjoy your day/night. :heart: ^^ LindArtz 2 by SilviaMS

Thank you handwhriting ~  F R E E S T U F F by AStoKo , :rose4you: by spongee0990 ... :iconnicedayplz:


FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
:iconthankuplz: :iconhurrplz:


If I Coulda I Woulda Volume 41

Fri Jul 19, 2019, 4:04 PM

Sharing Some DD Suggestions I Have Sent In Over Time.    


Please Don’t Forget To Fav, And Visit The Artists’ Galleries’!   Enjoy! :blowkiss:

Flowers by BRlearner

Birthday dinner is about to start, are you coming? by Impmon282

Mother by vinayan

The Willow Swing by Lhox

deep night by ChasMandala

Shana (Seifuku) by bdrc

Spring raw cake by Luisa-Puschelova-7

Knight Watcher PG2 by SparksflyStudios

Colouful Countryside by Tigles1Artistry

Space Jelly Fish by vanndra

Green Jasper and Coral Necklace by kbarre1227

Peacock Feathers for Jenny by MEP4Photography

Flowers in your hair by MissLoony

Spring Portrait I by Deliquesce-Flux

The Rutting Bull by CaseyNealArtwork


  .:Thank you little bear:. by Chipi-ChiuFOR STOPPING BY!


LindArtz has started a donation pool!
1,383 / 200
Will use to buy premium stocks.

Have a good day/night/afternoon! :heart:!!!

ACEO - A Bruised Soul by KootiesMom

** Nurture one Another by LindArtz** Darkness can show you the light by Oniichan96
A DD is special recognition DeviantArt awards daily, to a few carefully selected members whom they feel their artwork should be brought to the attention of the community at large. It's a very high (and coveted) honor. :)! ^^
Did you know that anyone can suggest a daily deviation? :) If you see a wonderful work - or gallery, which you feel worthy, and that you think others might enjoy as well, just make your suggestion to the appropriate CV (community volunteer) who handles it.
Click the link below if you are interested and read; scroll down and choose the appropriate volunteer whose position matches the genre of art you wish to suggest. :iconhappykitty-plz:

Also learn about the DD Suggestion Drive which we hold from time to time in the following link.
ddsuggestiondrive.deviantart.c… (The Group Link)

-Tag Free Zone-1 by KenSaunders All TAGGERS will be shot! Gangster fella (Actions) by Ehsartem
Survivors will be shot again.

KUDOS! by LindArtz Christian Stamp by deadspaceheart


I am very much honored to have been given an "Angel without Wings" award. :heart: Nominated By :icontigles1artistry: Thank you, Teresa; and everyone else involved. :heart:…

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda Sunflower by CookiemagiK
Cat Chasing Butterfly by LOVEMAYU Stamp Applemac12 by Ampata My B on a string by Droneguard butterflies by prettyfarna30
Cup-l by vafiehya Too Many Favorites Stamp by kyphoscoliosis :iconcoffeeplz:

La jumping in Points by Jibodeah Thanks for the Points! by Icedragon529 Courtesy Is Free by painfulkisses13 dA Stockers A - Z Directory by FantasyStock Thank You... by jennyleigh Critique Stamp by LhuneArt Jesus Stamp by SuperSonicGirl79135
I Suggest DDs by ClefairyKid 'Ask The Djinn' stamp by BATTLEFAIRIES Let there be peace by WoolNoon

* thanks-for-the-Llama by vafiehya *

Mature Content

That Hatchet by FransMensinkArtist

Snowstorm by gigi50

RIP Our dear Jocelyne (stamp) by MEP4Photography Candle for JO by KmyGraphic

Ties that BindIn my mind's eye there was
three of us, maybe four
thick August wind
blew hot against
our skin, and yet
never stopped us from
doing the things we loved.
In my mind's eye there was
summer days, of smiles
sweat and laughter;
Not one of us left by 
the side of the road
like, someones unwanted
yesterday's newspaper
We chased butterflies and
rainbows, they
were immediate and tangible
the taking, they
were for the sharing
came natural as
No thought was
ever given
Or, consideration
of a time when
such moments might
never exist again.
In my mind's eye there was
full moons and
starry skies and
no desire to
go anywhere but, where we were
in any given moment, with
those we felt closest to, and
never dreamed,
even when dreaming
might oneday be
In my mind's eye, there is
second chances, and
motivation, and
there is reason for living and
reason for surviving and
never letting those you love
slipping by the wayside
tomorrow may never come, and
if it

Mature Content

Change in a Coffee CupIt’s 1998 and you're in New York.
You sit Buddha-style
         Like a beggar’s cup
         On a cold Brooklyn sidewalk.
The passersby stuff coins in you
         Like a karma slot machine;
         They measure their generosity
         Against your God-bless-you's. 
Raised, reared, reviled in Texas —
         That’s where you'll return to;
         Less welcome than a polished
         Thief dry-drifting through
                   Oil-rich streets.
You are a blood-warm stain on the sidewalk;
         Bitter as wormwood, pale as pigeon
         Shit, dirty like a soiled rubber, pleading
         Like an empty coffee cup 

Mature Content

Contours of loss: of love, and friendsA friend suffers hurt, a lack of hope
The agony of loss and its utter despair
Yet she is unable to feel the brokenness
To bring the cleansing, healing flow of tears
Too much pain in such a short time
Rushes at the soul breaking it in two
So quick that she feels the frozenness
Of a heart rendered but not yet aware
Yet the time will come as she wanly waits
When such grief will seep through her being 
Etching itself upon her lovely soul
Like delicate filigreed golden threads
So that she shines like the moon itself
Reflecting the care and love for others
That creates a precious person of meaning
One we would all yearn to want as, our friend!


:iconaussie-blonde::iconsirius-sdz: Boat breakers by Arte-de-Junqueiro:iconybsilon-stock::iconcpointspoint::iconsparksflystudios::iconvekta408::iconwerewolfgirl9::icondora-alis::iconlifeblue::iconclivebarker::iconheather-chrysalis::iconpjenz::iconehsartem::iconokavanga: :iconfajralam::iconnotmor::iconbluedragoneye::iconzombieinn::iconapplemac12::iconarthur-ramsey::icondripoint::iconthelitbeast::icontinalouiseuk::iconsapphirenitestar::iconmep4photography:

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Hey guys, just an FYI, .. about the stock I've uploaded and that I'll upload in the future..  Just to say, unless you are planning to use it for something, I don't expect for you to fav them, okay? (there may be a Lot at times! :lol: )  

Thanks for being the caring people that you are, tho. :tighthug:!!!
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(mine is INTJ  )  black heart [version 1]…
I only had the chance to post this now (from earlier, when I'd first noticed it) when I came online.  But, it seems now, people, in DA, we are going to have the ability to 'like' a comment (as someone did mine, shown below, indicated by a red dot next to it) and we'll receive a notification for it. ... I'd rather keep 'drag and drop' personally, than all this hoopla... but as told me recently by danlev ( in response to a misinformation given me from humblehills, to the contrary) It seems we will Not, after all, be getting drag and drop in Eclipse. (as I was telling you guys we would; sorry for that misinformation as was relayed to me, guys)  But. @danleve goes on to say, "that can change at some point".
I suppose if enough people get in there under Eclipse and send them notification that you'd like 'drag and drop faving' to continue in Eclipse..

Anyway, back on track.. about getting notified about 'liking' comments:
Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 4.28.53 PM by LindArtz

Complete all of these Sentences... 

6 deviants said Love is ...
5 deviants said I wish I may I wish I might ...
5 deviants said If I could go back in time ...
1 deviant said Never care about ...
1 deviant said Kindness means ...
1 deviant said If I could be any animal at all I'd be, *insert here* , because *insert here*
1 deviant said Time to me, is ...
1 deviant said The meaning of death is ...
No deviants said Life is ...
No deviants said Memories are for ...



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