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Please stop asking about them

How to get a commission:

0. Read everything on this page before messaging me!
1. Check my price-list and decide what do you want to get from me
2. Collect ALL POSSIBLE INFO about your commission. Character pics, pose, background. More refs means better final picture quality. And I need pictures, not only text description.
3. Contact me via email (, send me a note here or message me in discord (lindaroze#3901).
4. Don't forget to attach all info you collected in ONE message.
5. I'll make a fast sketch and show it to you.
6. If you need edits - tell me about that. I can make changes only on this step.
7. After sketch revisions I'll send you paypal invoice. After your payment I'll start working on final picture.
8. Only color corrections are possible after finishing a final picture. Edits are NOT POSSIBLE on this step.

Usually it takes up to 3 days to complete your picture. Please be patient.
Est. waiting time for your sketch can take up to 2 months! My waiting list is usually have 20+ pics in queue. You should understand how much you should wait before your turn!

Samples of my works are available in description


Price list:

  •  One character, full-body: 60$
  • + 1 extra character: +55$
  • One character, half-body: 55$
  • + 1 extra character: +50$
  • + background: +45$

NSFW Price list (ALL types of nudity):

  •  One character, full-body: 80$
  • + 1 extra character: +60$
  • One character, half-body: 70$
  • + 1 extra character: +55$
  • + background: +45$
  • + fetish stuff: +50$ per character (footfetish, bondage, etc.)

Prints/Dakimakura (Resolution >6000px):

  •  One character, full-body: 65$
  • + 1 extra character: +60$
  • One character, half-body: 60$
  • + 1 extra character: +55$
  • + background: +45$

Prints/Dakimakura NSFW:

  •  One character, full-body: 85$
  • + 1 extra character: +65$
  • One character, half-body: 75$
  • + 1 extra character: +60$
  • + background: +45$

Minimal order is 80$

Keep in mind that I can charge you extra if your request is really time-consuming! I will notice you about that before sending you an invoice

Extra rules and info before you send me a message

  • Dakimakuras are priced per side.
  • If you ordering two sides of a dakimakura, I'll charge you for a background only once.
  • All commissions are public and will be published on all my platforms like patreon, twitter, etc. PRIVATE COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED!
  • I'm taking only anime, manga or asian games sources for commissions. Western sources are closed.
  • !!! I'm taking only softcore NSFW requests! It means no direct sex scenes!
  • Finial resolution of picture will be about 3000 x 5000 px. If you want a print size, tell me exact resolution you need.
  • Only paypal invoice payment is possible. Give me your actual paypal email and I'll send you an invoice.
  • I can decline your commission idea if I don't want to work with it.
  • I'm not redrawing pictures. Please provide refs not with the exact character you want.
  • Commercial usage and other stuff like sprites for games should be discussed extra. Please contact me before planning your budgets.
  • All characters on my pics are adults. Even if original character is underage.

Don't forget that drawings are not characters from games or 3D models and can't be edited easily. I can't change clothes, poses or other stuff on finished picture! Please think twice before approving the sketch!

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LittleBrockStar's avatar

I wanna see Tionshina (Monster Musume) and Shion (That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime) together

OpSig-Stabber's avatar

Will commissions ever re-open?

I desperately tried to message you on Discord or your email for a commission but I can't !😔 Can I reach you on Twitter ?
And I would like to know if you accept to draw futanaris ?
khai222's avatar

hey when you mean no oc comissions you mean you wont help people create an oc from scratch or you wont draw any ocs at all even if theres an actual design

Van10000's avatar

I sent you a message yesterday. And I saw you haven't read it yet, I would like you to check soon.

rift09's avatar

when will you be open for commissions?

LindaRoze's avatar

I'm open. But not for oc

halstorm007's avatar

How much are sprites and are they for commercial use or just private?

Wdog-999's avatar

As far as the sketch, I assume it is made when the given order is gotten to or would it be made independently of the queue?

SickPrinces5's avatar

can i be added to waitlist?

LindaRoze's avatar

Send me DM with your commission idea first

Denkocchi's avatar

Do you know when you'll be opening OC commissions again?

BluePenguin404's avatar

How long is your current queue, if you don't mind me asking?

ThatGuyImortal's avatar
Roughly how long is the waitlist?
LindaRoze's avatar
26 commissions

In the sample images you provided there is still some censorship. Would that be included in a commissioned request, or will the image be fully uncensored?

LindaRoze's avatar
They are uncensored ofc.
XXFanXofX4869XX's avatar
I don't remember if I ever asked you, but is futanari an available option?
Specimen1998's avatar
you might want to have kept that in a note
Augen76's avatar
DeadSpaceSurvivor's avatar
Are commissions still open? :D
Jmaster99's avatar
This hurts as I would love to get a commission, but my money is so tight I would hurt if I did DX
Pohretra's avatar
Is there a pricing for non-NSFW art involving fetishes (feet, size, etc.)?
Kaiser-Kiryu's avatar
Could I clarify on the OC part; Do you mean you will only draw OCs that have art references already, or that you wouldnt draw OCs from scratch? 
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