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Lord of Chaos - steps

OK, I hate everyone who asked me to do the tutorial because it took me more hours to make it, than the actual painting. :dead: OK, I don't hate you really, I just hate making things like this.

I don't think this will be helpful to anyone, it's more like a demonstration than tutorial, and I'm awfully sorry for the messy eye painting example (I was distracted by new T.Hiddleston photos on tumblr, so I did "let's draw an eye in 3 minutes" thing - if you're interested, I actually have 2 rough videos on tumblr of how I draw eyes -… and… )
Steps of how I paint mouth here on tumblr -…


*EDIT(after few "art thefts") - Tutorials are not made, so you could copy other artist's work and post it online. ;)
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This is amazing~ but is there anything else you can advise me to do to get a higher accuracy of the sketch? That's the most difficult part for me. ^^;
(Btw, forgive me for the fav-spam~ Your art gives me life!)
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Some people divide the paper/canvas in segments to get the proportions right. I never do that. I learnt the proportions by tracing when I was really young. I know, a lot of people condemn that, but I always say it's a great way to learn. To be honest, in digital painting the likeness in sketch isn't that important, because you achieve the likeness when coloring. For example, in this specific tutorial you can see how Loki's sketch doesn't really look like Loki at all. :D I'm sorry that I'm no help, apparently I suck at teaching. :XD: When I use reference photos, I simply try to copy them as close as possible (if realism or likeness is my goal). There's no specific technique I use. :shrug:
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I see. I've traced once before. It's very helpful, but I tend to feel guilty for not doing it freehand. (Yes, I'm one of those people) :XD: I actually did a digital portrait last night. Instead of tracing, I marked the prominent points of the face with dots. But toward the end of the process, I compared it to the original, and it wasn't as accurate; I still had to move some parts around. I guess I just wasn't as careful as I should have been drawing the sketch, but I still think it turned out great. :D
Hahaha it's alright! I'm worse at teaching. It just amazes me how perfect yours looks without having to edit too much in the end. Happy Pardon me if I already asked you this, but you do everything freehand now right? :)
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Most of the times freehand, yes. There are times when I'm fighting with a face that I just can't get right and I might trace some parts, but usually just resizing a bit, tilting and stuff works just fine (perks of painting digitally - you can have gazillion layers you can alter, delete and whatnot :D ). In fact, I don't always draw the sketch at all. Sometimes I just start with the basic colors, like here -  Lokasenna Steps by LindaMarieAnson
Hey, some of my paintings are so off when compared to the original. :D I try not to compare, or else I won't be able to sleep at night.
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Awesome! :dummy: Hahaha true! Unfortunately, we can't do that on traditional. :XD: Once I notice a flaw, I'll just have to live with it sometimes. Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] Now that I've tried it, digital art seems hella easier in my opinion. Aww Wow, yeah. I remember seeing that one! A very interesting way to do it indeed! :D
Haha, I am too familiar with that feeling~!
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I know, that is why I find traditional art a lot more frustrating and my traditional portraits are rather meh. :giggle:
I should do a process video from scratch. I've made a few coloring videos, but they kind of suck. :D
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It is very frustrating, but I guess I'm in for the challenge. :XD:
You definitely should! It would be a sight to see~ :love: Hahaha, don't be so hard on yourself. :D
By the way, where does your other username "Megairawitch" come from? If you don't mind me asking, of course. :aww:
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Megaira is a Greek goddess, also it's a name I've given to one of my main characters in the novel series I probably ain't publishing any time soon. I've added that "witch" part just because Megaira is usually taken in all the sites. :giggle:
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Very interesting tuto. Thanks for the time you spent on it, I think I would hate to do that too and you're welcome to hate me for asking you about it. Sweating a little...  Your skills are amazing anyway, I have for my part no "affinities" with the PS painting tools.Waaaah! 
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Thank you! :aww:
It does take time to learn all the Photoshop tools and how to use them for your benefit. In fact I think, I'm still learning, even though it's been 7-8 years since I started using PS. There are days when I'm still like "oooh wait so I can do this with that, too?" :D
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I really like this :) I'm going to try it wright away :) thank you for this tutorial!Hug 
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I hope, it'll help. :iconaawwplz:
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Yes actually, I've been working on it now and it starts to look like it, only the hair is a pain in the ass, but with a bit practice I'll be there I think :) Thank you again! Hug 
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Hair is the part I hate the most, myself. It's been years of digital painting, but I still sometimes won't get it right. :giggle:
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Oh Gosh! How can I not try this SOOOOOOOON! LUV it! Thank you!
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I hope it will help. :aww:
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By the gods- this is AWESOME~ Thank you ! I've been wanting to do Loki portraits for so long but I just can't build his face. It's just- I tend to do it in parts and then not be happy with how I do each part. I do hope this tutorial will come in handy x3
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Thank you! I'd be happy if this one really helps you. :aww:
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That's awesome! ^~^ Heheh.
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that's pretty much what I did, except I suppose my second digital painting could be described as a speed painting. I used one brush, two colors, (Light brown and white) and I did the entire skin tone with those two colors. ^~^ It was all one layer, except for the sketch,and the background, (so three layers. ^^) I was just practicing, and in two or so hours, it came out looking alright. the thing is, it feels a lot like painting, (which I'm not good at) but I like this version. Normally painting, I use too much paint, can't cover up my mistakes or undo them, and The colors don't go together and blend like I would like them to, so digital painting is definitely working for me. It's fun. >:3
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Digital art is definitely easier than traditional medium, mostly because of possibility of layers and good ol' UNDO button. :XD:

I've realized that it's impossible (for me) to use just one brush, but I'm pretty cool with one or couple of color tones. But I've noticed that skin (or anything) is never in just one tone, things around you will reflect light, so to get a realistic look, you will need to add even the weirdest hues - examine the photos, you'll see.
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