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So, people asked will I paint Loki from Thor: The Dark World. At first I wanted to wait, because those few seconds from the trailer wasn't enough material to work with, but I didn't even last a week when I already succumbed to temptation and did draw him. :p But instead of drawing that smirk we witness in the trailer, I kind of changed his facial expression. Ah well.

This is far from as good as my last Thor's painting, kind of less realistic and more painty, and the weirdest thing is that I struggled with this for many hours (unlike that Thor's portrait which took me just 3). Anyway, I kind of like it anyway. I think I made Loki's hair a bit too fluffy and he doesn't even look like a prisoner, more like a medieval prince... :shrug: Whatever.


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Im in love with his hair 
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He's so sad than we would like to hug him for comfort him... Fuck My Life :love: 
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When I get my ball jointed loki doll he's gonna looki just like this! Lovely work my dear!
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Thank you! ^^
Aww would love a BJD Loki, too.
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It is very amazing..I think I've fainted. La la la la Love 
I really like the greens and how his eyes look. Well done.
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It's stunning no matter what.
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Wow, this caught me speechless. I love this!
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Very much welcome
awesome art. the movie was spectacular! Glad I brought hankies though...the vast majority of the audience cried.
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aww really? apparently people around here are stone cold or not invested in the story and characters. :shrug:

anyway, thank you! :thanks:
How could people NOT cry?? @_@ Frigga's burial was so emotional, let alone Loki's death scene -_-
Over here people cheered whenever he was in a scene
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Well, I kind of must agree with my mom here - if you're not invested in this particular story of Thor, Loki and their family, the movie didn't exactly go deep with their relationships to make a simple moviegoer feel for the characters. :shrug: Also I myself didn't feel emotional because I was spoiled before I went to see the movie, so I was ready to see Frigga and Loki dying. Frigga's funeral scene was amazingly beautiful, though. I guess, especially because of the music.
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