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Edit: Worked out some more colors. Put more details in the face and wings.

She lays here with wings tied and candles that lead nowhere. In a dark mist of a desert landscape. The shadows that hold nothing but grim faces. She holds herself for she is lost.

She even lost her marbles lol

Reference Photo:
I just love :iconmjranum-stock: 's work! They are some of the best and I just love the detail and shadows. I would love to thank him for being here on DA :D

-Time: 1 week when I had time.
-Photoshop CS3/Wacom

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This is so beautiful. I love the colors, and the dust rising into the blue, along with the candles, and of course, the gorgeous girl. Proportions are perfect, lighting and motion throughout the image is ideal. I can tell you put a lot of hours into the fine details on the ground and in the pearls.

I almost feel as though the word "lost" on her leg isn't needed at all. I feel as though the whole image screams "Lost" "deserted" "Lonely" etc. It's in her position and how she is holding herself.

Once again, I would just like to say how lovely this is. You produce beautiful art.
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I fixed the lost scar and took it off ^^

Thank you again :heart:
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nicely written

I agree
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Thank you for the wonderful critique! I was not sure if the lost scared into her leg was over the top or not. I kept taking the layer off and then putting it back unsure. It just seemed that the "pain: part of the "lost" idea I wanted was not there without it. I didn't want to have blood running down or anything like that. I have tried to make it less visable but then it didn't like like a scar an more like text. I may take it off. I will have to look at it again in a few days. lol
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I think the pain is quite visible on the face--which is always a great part in a painting (in my opinion) to say a lot without having to use overly exaggerated literal context...if that makes any sense :O.
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this is beauty at its best 
fantastic pic
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Totally awesome. :)
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I feel like our world's been infected...and somehow you left me neglected
We've found our lives been changed...:cantsing: 
Babe, you lost me...
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Beautiful work!
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I still love this picture, no matter how many time i see it
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aaaaaaaaaaaaawesome *^*
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Wow, nicely done! :)
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I have no words, just wow, wow, WOW!
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This is absolutely gorgeous! :)
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Thank you very much :heart:
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Beautiful image ! Charmed, beauty, sensuality ! Good job ![link]
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amazing and shes pretty i wish i could have a guardian angel like her:D
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Incredible! Beautiful! wonderful! Glorious! I don't know what to call it...absolutely beautiful in every way! Love the backround with the candles and pearls! the beautiful girl\angel.....I wish I was that talented!
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