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:iconlinavillain:LinaVillain posted a status
(Has cussing be warned)
I honestly dont give two shits if people steal my art. 
Why? Very easy answer.
They'll get banned no matter what. I ran into tracers, stealers,  trolls, and they neither deactivate and never return or remove everything. The deviant members will get a report eventually. So I dont care, make a jorunal to report, talk, and then their gone. 
I honestly dont even fucking care if people trace my art! Same thing will happen. 
For a girl with anger issues like me I dont care. If they act like that, they'll get a result. 
Dont do this stupid crap. Like stealing and copying you know.
What I do care is impersonating.
They could actually fucking get through it. I seen people impersonating others and the real one gets banned because the deviant art members dont know who's the bad one here. Its like twins fighting over some cookie problem and the mom doesn't know who ate it.
Artist with good style need to be careful. People think I have a good style and that makes me scared. Who knows if someone on Snapchat is impersonating me, or stealing my art.
And finally,
I dont know why assholes who do these, jesus christ... 

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