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:iconlinavillain:LinaVillain posted a status
So during tomorrow my friend @.Ballistic-B will be showing me her first half of the adopt page that we are doing. And then I will color it and it will be shown! When it does get released, please check it out! It will cost a lot due to the fact its been a two day progress.
>:3 You know I spoil ya 
This is a kidcore anthro adopt thing! And might have over 8 characters. So if you guys dont know what kidcore is, its a thing colored so many colors and rainbowish like a kid did it. And people love animals right?! YES!
So again, will cost a lot for a reason. NOT LIKE 1000 OR 500 JEEZ But 200. So like I get 100 and she get 100 so win, win. 
I dont know if I'm going to post it, I don't know if she will or both of us, let's see tomorrow! 
Love you guys <3333

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