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:iconlinavillain:LinaVillain posted a status
So for my best series Galaxy Gang I thought of naming the characters on how much I have and might draw them all.
There is a lot so mind you, my art thing for this will take time if I do so.
Here's the main.
1. Lina Claws (no almaguer because she's not me)
2. Simion (her Siamese cat)
3. Alast (Mittens big helper)
4. Ikarlus
5. Puller
6. Hatchet
7. Unknown 
8. Kerika
9. Wrathia
10. Marshie
11. Captain Mittens (leader)
12. Prowl
13. BoB.
14. Chasar (bringing him back in new style!!! )

The second main. (Reincarnated villains)
15. Bonute (the strongest lady in the Seven Galaxies)
16. Kandy (second)
17. DJ Snake 
18. Lullaby
19. The Hat Man (added him in My Villainy Friends as well)
20. Francis
21. Captain Forsawex.
22. Deery copper
23. Princess Blobby. 
24. Quinta
25. Breezy
26. Carla
The anti villains (main villains ) 
(Some villains from My Villainy Friends will be in here!!!)
(Some are VERY new)
27. Metota (main)
28. The squad team
29. Inkly evil
30. Francnido devin
31. Dr. Mister
32. Sebastian Murder
33. Shycolet
34. Skully
35. Ghastler Beanso
36. Dr. Villainy
37. Lucifer
38. Mr. Diablo
39. CaT
40. Twilshow
41. Spiral
42. The two thieves
43. Laugher
44. Sugar
45. Half Moon
And there are some more I think? The Sinful Misfits and My Villainy Friends does not have over 40 characters so feel free to ask to make one for the series. This is the best series I have and each character is HILARIOUS!!
Even the Anti Villains are funny!
I will make the new ones soon. 

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