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:iconlinavillain:LinaVillain posted a status
So throughout the hours, I saw a lot of Superjail art and I thought to myself, what is Superjail? So I looked it up a d it said, a ADULT SWIM TV series with blood, sexuality jokes, and cussing. But forget about that, I'm old enough to see it. 

So I saw like, 5 episodes and OMF- I feel so happy when I watched even one. It was hilarious and I love their character named Warden.  He's some crazy guy who lives in some pastel cute world with blood, murder, and morons. 

But warning, it does have a lot of colors so people can get to the hospital when they see a lot of colors. Don't know what it's called but warning. Other then that, it's like a 13+ show and little ones CANT see it. So beware little ones. Because if they (little kids) see it, they don't need to talk of the birds and the bees XD. They will know EVERYTHING. 

But for teens and older people, check it out if you want but u may by disturbed. Just saying but if not, u will find the characters.... Interesting in a way.

Search Superjail if you want to!

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