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:iconlinavillain:LinaVillain posted a status
REQUEST OPEN!! Tell me what you want in the comments!!!

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Dragon-Kid Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer

You think you can draw my characters, Jean DuBois and Tifa Eillan, as a couple?
BeastKnights: Jean DuBois
Special Moves:
Water Gun: QCB + S (He shoots a bullet made of water from his gun.)
Crescent Wave: HCF + S (He twirls his water powered cutlass upwards to his opponent.)
Swimming Slash: HCF + K (He does two downward slashes towards his opponent.)
Bucaneer Kick: QCF + K (He does a downward kick similar to Captain Kidd's Pirate Kick.)
Spirit Summons:
Lethal Bite: HCF + S and K (Sharkripper rushes towards his opponent and bites him/her around for ten consecutive hits before he finishes it with his tail, falling him/her to the ground.)
Shark Tail Slap: HCB + S and K (Sharkripper uses his tail to slap his opponent ten times, with the last one knocking his opponent down.)
Limit Breaks:
Splash Gun:
BeastKnights: Tifa Eillan
Special Moves:
Venom Blast: QCF + S (She launches acid from her daggers.)
Dagger Spin: QCB + S (She spins like an helicopter with her daggers towards her opponent.)
Toxic Stab: HCB + K (She jumps and impales her opponent with her daggers three times and then kicks him/her down.)
Leg Grab: HCF + K (She jumps and puts her legs to her opponents shoulders, sending him/her to the other side, similar to Pagan's Leg Throw.)
Spirit Summons:
Poisonous Bite: HCF + S and K (Snakespitter jumps and bites in her opponent's neck, gradually decreasing his/her health at 2% for ten seconds.)
Snatching Tail: HCB + S and K (Snakespitter jumps and strangles her opponent to the neck and then she uses her tail to knock him/her down.)
LinaVillain Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Oh! sorry but i only do request on Saturdays and Sundays. tell me on a post ill make called " Request open" on Saturday !
Sybelthewolf Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ultimate the chosen by RMcreeps
for a friend ^u^
if you wouldnt mind?
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