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:iconlinavillain:LinaVillain posted a status
Now she, my watchers and friends,
She's a beautiful hearted person.
She is someone you should watch like right now

I feel in love with her art, and her personality. I talked to her and slowly became friends last year or before I think. There was yes a time where we had a fight. But I don't remember what! She's a angel and I'm glad I met her. She has been through so much on here and I feel so bad for her. I remember some people who hated her. But she stood strong. She is strong, and if you are going to argue against that, then unwatch me. She's pure in every way. And honest. She admits to things and in a reasonable way, that's who I want in a friend. A friend who is honest! A friend who can stand up for themselves!
That's S-wapSans
I'm not friends with her because she is good at art, no, I'm friends with her because on who she is and I respect that. I respect her for what she does, in any way. She's the person I know can be a huge impact to me. 
Go watch her please and give some love <3

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