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Squidles Villains Page 1 by LinaVillain Squidles Villains Page 1 by LinaVillain
1. Mafusa and the Evil Scientist/medic Dr. Crime.
He is an evil scientist, short, but able to reach anything. He invented Mafusa who is not much evil sadly. Oh well, he's a mad scientist! Literally! The ages are not yet classified. Mafusa is a girl robot, with metal-like arms that don't extend. She's not much of a evil person, not much evil poison was yet put in her robotic heart. Only one drop didn't cover.

2. Mr. Clawthrower and Missy. 
Mr. Clawthrower has his own army, own castle but still works for his Boss. He loves the good queen and tries to win a proposal. The Queen has not been made, but she rules the sun and moon and sky. He is 27 years old, male. Missy is a girl, who can hunt and yes, talk. Much like a pony from MLP. Skinny arms and legs.

3. Squir.
After Squirt playing with the EvilClone Duplicator 100 she accidentally made a jerk who works for someone. He flirts with ladies, and he can pack a punch! He is around her age, 16. Everything is different but similar about the two. Squirt did a stupid decision! He himself, has not past, because he was made by machine, but knows everything of Squirt, her weakness, crush, all. 

4. Villainies.
Villainies is the Boss. He makes plans, has a army and good people who work for him. Not some. And some he does not like! He is around 26, and lost his leg in war. Dr. Crime fixed that right up before he made Mafusa. He never had a great childhood at all but he thinks he has a good life now, torturing citizens, evil, you know! 

5. OddMan. Or Forlow. 
Most call him Oddman, even the people who work for his boss, and his boss. But only Squirt calls him by his real name, Forlow. He was made as a mistake, everyone hated him but he was a God. Like the Queen. Be wanted to find people who understood him and he found the Evil Ones.(PLEASE DON'T SAY HE IS SIMILAR TO DISCORD MLP, I KNOW) 

6. Merland and Landmer.
The singers and dance fighters, dance to hypnotize, fight, and more. They live in the water but can swim in the air. Both work together, but NOT with the boss. Don't work for no line but themselves. Most MerSquidles escape from them, they can't kidnap well. They can have legs, from form. Always work together but don't get along at times. Fight a lot! 

7. Queen Blood. 
Loves blood, red, you know. She's a spider like Squidle, and a god. Has a army, and stuff like
Mr. Clawthrower but she does not has patience. And she does had anger problems. She loves the Boss! Work for him, but don't really go to meetings. She can invent things, and act like the Boss and could have cover for the Boss but Tiris can instead. Never had a innocent life, but a father who abused her at all times. Ran away! You know what happens next! 

8. Tiris. 
He has a staff with blades that can move and cut anything. Like some weird chainsaw. He is a beginner adult, 18. Does not show affection, much. Single, as all. He is the Bosses most favorite because he shows two expressions. Actually three. Evil, mad, and serious. Barely happy. He just wants to kill one Squidle, the Queen of the Sun, Moon, Sky. She banned him away from his home place for years to come from him doing many awful things. He later ran into Villainies through the years. 

9. Shadow One. 
He or she (genderless) can form into anyone, and do their voices as well. But it can get trapped by stone, and can not escape. God as itself, it can't die at all or easily. It can however, die from love from the good. So people won't be afraid of it, but it be afraid of their love! Don't go to the Widow Cave, that's where he lives! 

10. Osto 
Osto can punch anything, and loves his muscles. Kisses them if he wants eww. He is very strong, can pick up buildings! Hercules power people or Squidles say. He was blessed from the gods to become a hero but he decided being evil is best fit for him. So he works for the Boss and mostly fails his missions. Also he can be dumb at times, and forget what he wax doing! 

These are the Main ones, I will draw them together!! 
Any fan art is appreciated <3
ExcellentRock Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ack, they're all perfect! Beautiful job on these!
LinaVillain Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you!!! 
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