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/villain noises/

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Welcome to my page!!
.[] Lina [] Female [] An Evil Loser []
My name is Angelina! But please call me Lina or LinaVillain, or just Villain huehue- I have been a artist for many years and always will be! I also loves Villains mainly because they can have such a turn in stories and have crazy cool designs! Hero's.... heh..... no.
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REQUEST: never
GIFTS: friends
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What I Like

Divider Ghosts (Animated) by Plush-a-Saurus
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The Book of Life, Undertale Mettaton only, Mystery Skulls, memes, TF2 Piemations, Hellbent from Super Plant Dolan, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, OverWatch, Vanossgaming, Kuledud3, Hazbin Hotel, Hercules Disney, Disney, Cartoon Network, The Grim Adventures From Billy and Mandy, Adventure Time, Marvel, MLP, Villainous, Never Normal, Superjail, Daughter of Discord, Sherlock Holmes, El Tigre, Avas Demon, Star V.S The Forces of Evil, The New Adventures of Batman, the Lego Movie, the Lego Batman Movie, Captain Underpants, FNaF, DHMIS, House of Mouse, Vine, Wreak it-Wralfh, Samurai Jack, Monster in Paris, Alice in Wonderland, Little Nightmares, Deadpool, Sparklecare, Death Note (movie), Squidles, October, Mafia, Lost Smile and Strange Circus, 9 the Movie, Cuphead, OK KO Let's Be Hero's, Villains, Sherlock Gnomes, Baldi's Basics, Sleepykinq, Ninjago, IdubbbzTV, FilthyFrank, Cookie Run, We Happy Few, The Happytime Murders, Coco,
Divider Ghosts (Animated) by Plush-a-Saurus
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E.V.I.L [Every Villain Is Lemons!)

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This is for me only :0 by LinaVillain
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Any gift/fanart is appreciated!!! You have the right to draw my characters!!!
NOTE: I do not fully appreciate NSFW. So I recommend to not do that. You may make gifts for me and do as much as you wish <3
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I have joined on Deviant art on August 28, 2016.
My birthday is on November 16. Year shall remain unknown.
My favorite thing is to draw and write!
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I work on a series named Galaxy Gang. Galaxy Gang is a series I'm working on to be a show, and a animated one as well. The Sinful Misfits is also a series, and could possibly have its own comic? Squidles is a species in heart.
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