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Taylor Hebert (Worm)

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Well...late to the party I may be, but darn if this ain't some nice art.

I dunno if there's any other Chinese Worm fans here, but for some reason I was reminded a lot of wuxia while reading it.

I think this is my favourite Taylor art piece.
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Aww what a cute little godkiller.
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You make the best Worm fanart, they always look like I pictured them! I hope Wilbow hires you for the official art
Matches my mental image of Taylor nicely. This is great work!
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Think you'll do Armsy and the rest of the Nine? Coil by chance?

You've done exemplary with Worm fanart so far
could you do charlotte or sierra
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Best Taylor ever outside of that collage of all the Undersiders down in Anime style!
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A LOT cuter than most of the pics of her I see here, then again they're closer to realistically plain
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everyone sees things differently. I do not think that Taylor is not beautiful. She simply suffer from complexes. She is thin, has big eyes and long hair. No acne. Look at the Madison, which also thin, but it does its advantage. The  main thing  self-confidence. 
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I thought it was 'petite' not thin

Though gotta agree on self-confidence, too much psychological abuse can result in people hating themselves.
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I see Taylor as more of an unkept beauty ala Anne Hathaway in that one movie way back when. Ironically o see Emma as Emma Stone
Caesar9999's avatar
Now I'm being reminded of other 'unkept beauties' like this girl:…
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Everyone harps on Touka

Then this beauty Clmes in
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Not the size of their body parts that really matter when it comes to people like them, though their faces(and ishida's detailed and somewhat realistic and kinda colourful art style)  make up for it quite easily.
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Awesome. The best Taylor art I've seen. Keep up the good work.

Also a small nitpick: Taylor has green eyes.
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Actually, we don't don't know what color Taylor's eyes are.  Danny has green eyes, but Taylor's eye color isn't mentioned once in all 1.67 million words of worm.
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Taylor has dark eyes and mentions that she got her eyes from Danny.
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Where does it say she has dark eyes?  I thought it was her hair that was always described as dark.  Danny's eyes were mentioned as green in 12.5
The white of one of his eyes had turned crimson, the green of his iris pale in the midst of it.
And while Taylor getting her eyes from Danny could mean that they have the same eye color, it could also refer to the fact that they both need glasses (which is something that's unambiguous.)

I'm not saying that Taylor doesn't have green or dark eyes, but if her eye color is confirmed somewhere that would be useful to know.
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Love it. Whenever you have the time please draw more.. your art is really nice.
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Thank you)) I'm really glad to hear that))
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