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Skitter worm

Skitter and Weaver from Wildbow's story Worm -
на русском…
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looking for someone to do some cover art for this fanfic:…

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she can and will defeat you with butterflies
Still manages to kick butt with only butterflies~
"Not a promise, not an oath, or a malediction or a curse, Inevitable. Wasn't that how [Alexandria] put it? I told them. Warned them."

"Go, my pretties. Go, seek out my enemies and smother them."

Edit: before anyone makes a fuss: yeah, yeah. I remember that she was out of costume at the time, but still.
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Poor Taylor, being forced to wear a Boob-Plate by the PRT's PR department, instead of her old, perfectly functional breastplate. XD
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Nice compare and contrast.  Good work on the costume designs, I like your interpretation of the flight harness.
really wanna see taylor out of costume
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I want to see an out of costume version
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Okey, I'm do it)))
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Thanks, though just to ask why does everybody look cute and animesque? I'm pretty sure canon descriptions'd make them look kinda plainer
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Not at all, it's actually something I like since I watch a lot of anime.
Wow, I really like the Weaver costume.
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