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I like to think of her being Sailor Venus incarnation.
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This is a freaking badass interpretation, as always LinaLeeZ, you deliver in spades!
Pretty good. Can we get Cherish?
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Yeah it looks a little good but I thought she wore a tiara, not a spiked bandanna.
LinaLeeZ's avatar
that's how I see her costume. Аnd it's just a sketch
Atomic-Rygin's avatar
true. I partly blame fanfics for my imaging.
GreatWyrmGold's avatar
That's not how I imagined her tiara or shoulders looking. The rest looks good, though.

As a side note, I hadn't realized how pale platinum blonde hair was. I thought it was at least a little yellow...
LinaLeeZ's avatar
too many blondes with yellow hair. Platinum blonde is cool too
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Hmm, I don't know.
I don't remember her having a cape (though I'm not sure) and the spikes make her look a bit villainous.
The rest fits pretty well though.
Heh. The spikes turn out to have been wierdly prescient, given Ward.
The-Stormbringer's avatar
This looks like a cool villain interpretation of her in my mind!
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