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IchibanCon '10 Bobbleheads :3



:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Want more bobbleheads? Check out the others I've made in my Bobblehead Index journal! :3 :bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

Bobbleheads from IchibanCon '10! ^_^

It was Ichiban's first con EVER, so we weren't expecting an impressive guest list....At least, until we saw that they'd gotten Wendy Powell, Todd Haberkorn, & Michael Sinterniklaas. :XD: AWESOME!!

:bulletgreen: Envy from "FMA" for Wendy
:bulletblack: Death the Kid from "Soul Eater" for Todd
:bulletred: Nnoitora from "Bleach" for Michael

One of the things that made this con particularly fun was that I'd never given these 3 actors/actresses any bobbleheads before. :) I'd never even met Todd or Wendy before this......
So, I'm guessing they didn't know what to expect when I handed them those little brown boxes..... :devilish: *hee*

I gave Wendy & Todd their's on Friday, and I think Michael got there a bit later that night, so I didn't get to give Nnoitora to him until Saturday. =p

Wendy seemed to love her little the next day, she'd even posted a photo of him on her Facebook page! XD (and at the time I'm submitting them here, he's currently her profile avatar too. X3 *snerk*)
Then, she came around the table and gave me a big hug. ^_^ (Too bad I wasn't wearing my Greed cosplay, or that would've been REALLY funny. XD)

Todd was at the table the same time as Wendy, so he watched her opening the box, and --I guess-- knew generally what he was getting too. ^^ Maybe didn't know which character, but knew it was a bobble. ^^
Anyhow, he actually wanted a photo with me and the little bobbles, so Wendy got his camera(/phone?) and got a photo of the two of us. ^^; Later that weekend, he also posted his bobble on his FB page. *LAWL*

Gave Michael his on Saturday, and he nearly gave me a heart attack while opening it. Oo; He got a big grin on his face and said, "Is it a PUPPY?" and acted like he was going to stab the box.
Very in-character Nnoitora moment. X_x;;;;;;;
Anyway, he really seemed to get a kick out of little "rape-face" (name that ~illyria47 calls him) and also gave me a hug. :heart:
(Again, the hug would've been funnier had I been in cosplay....I'm planning on cosplaying as Szayel later this year. XD)
At roughly this same time, he spotted Wendy going into the dealer's room (right next to the autograph table) and showed her his new present. ^^
She said that they were awesome and that she'd "made sweet love" to hers last night.
Ramia said I had a very comical "FTW" look on my face when she said that. ._o;;
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Todd Haberkorn also played Ling Yao in FMA: Brhd