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Base: RainDrop

No, I'm not dead (isn't it surprising? oO), just lost interest in pixel art for the while and was too busy with RL problems >.>

So here's a base for you. Another cute chubby chibi. Use away! You know all the rules. Also, I'd be really happy to see your creations on this base!
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I used this base for the custom box on my profile! Thank you for making it!
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Gosh this base is gorgeous *-* I have a question about the rules, can we use it for commissions?
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Only if it's fake money (like Gaia gold) commissions
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I suppose that points are not a fake currency ;-;
Thank you the same, I'll use it for myself probably *^*
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Good luck then ^^
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I decided to make this

Baby Ziv by Mistress--Misa

Very cute base :)
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ooo these are so precious 
; A ; i am in love with them
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I love this base! I can't wait to use it!
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Feel free to show me what you'll come up with ^^
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used this base here [link]
i really love the eyes & expressions on this one ;u;
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I ordered Shueyi@IMVU to make something with your base. Used. [link]
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May I use this base if I credit you?
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Umm, how do I use this? I don't know anything about pixel art but would like to create a cute icon for myself...
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Think of it as barbie doll template. Draw hair, clothes, accessories, etc. anything you'd like to create a character. Something like this, I guess. But I should tell you that pixel art takes a lot of efforts and practice, you probably won't like your first attempts.
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Thanks! I might give it a try...
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