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Watership Down

I did this time ago, but I just decided to submit it
Watership down is a wonderful movie and this pic just happened when I was with enything to do.

I don't have the copy right, ok? it owns to the respective ones!
Hope you like it! :D
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The most joyful moment of the whole story.  Hazel gets to rest with his fathers in prosperity and full of years ... Well done good and faithful servant.  Don't worry about the others.  They will be all right.  Time to come home with me.
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Beautiful and haunting!
Is this available as a wall print?
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Woah , that's just beautiful !

The style is delicate and elegant Love 

It's exactly the atmosphere of the scene , sad and graceful Heart Heart Heart 
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I fucking love this! Great job!
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I thought the ending was sad, sad that Hazel passed away, but relieved that he lived his days in peace and safety with the rest of the rabbits who were now safe from Woundwort.
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Ahhh I promise ve this!! Great work, the feeling and emotion is portrayed really well well here.
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Thank you! That was important to me, thanks for your comment :aww:
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"They'll be alright, and thousands more just like them..."
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OMG I'll cry
hehe :aww:
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Linadolz. This is the most touching scene: Sad and happy to Watership Down. You gave me an arrow right in the heart ...
Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] 
good... job.
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Aww thank you very much. Yeah, that scene is amazing, it has so many feelings.
I'm glad that you like it :aww:
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All of your drawings are absolutely magnificent, I am such a huge fan of the books, movie, and series.  I love how you captured the subtle and not so subtle changes in style from the movie to the beginning and then end of the series.  I'm not sure I can really say which I most prefer.  All three have their pros and cons and, in fact, there are some characters I like better in third season animation and some I like best in second.  No matter what though I really appreciate your putting them out here like this for comparison, it really highlights the artistic differences and how they influenced how I perceived these characters.
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Oh thank you very much.
I really appreciate your comment. It's great to meet someone else who likes the books and movies like I do.
Thank for the nice words. It motivates me to keep working.
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Sorry, I hate to be 'THAT person', but I had to say... You spelt 'decided' wrong.
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Oh man I remebered this part of the movie,so sad😭
I love this movie still,fav this
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Thank you very much.
I know, it is so sad, No matter how many times we see it
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Ike,such a good movie 😂
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AWW  i watched the movie last night and i cried but OMG THIS PCTURE  D: *amazing tho
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thanks a lot! It's one of my favorites movies :aww:
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I just saw this movie recently. It's so sad. :'(

Poor Hazel. <3
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Yeah it is! The first time I saw it I almost cried 
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