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It's been a long time since I've done formal commissions, but for anyone interested, I'll set this up.

Note for people looking at commission prices to gauge value for art trade/payment: I'm deliberately underpricing myself here as this is a fun hobby I enjoy aside from my day job. Please keep that in mind if you legitimately want to be fair.

I take on one slot at a time, for points, USD, or trade/bribe. Having a queue is stressful to me, and I prefer to make sure I get my obligations completed in a timely manner around my personal todo list. So, one slot to prevent long wait times and feelings of ugh when will this be done.

Wait time is typically 1-2 weeks for most options, up to 3-4 for full complex char on complex bg.
WIPs and other communication are given upon request. Weekly check-ins are ok.
After completed art is delivered, art may be posted to my account unless requested to keep it private.
Please send inquiries by note/private message, thanks!


Prices: $1 = 100 pts
chibi $7
headshot $5
waist up $10
fullbody $15

Prices above are for clean lines only, addons below:
flat color (includes lineless style) +$3
simple shading (cell or soft, includes monochrome) +$3
simple background +$5
semi-complex background +$10
additional character +50% base cost

with discussion, bribes include:
[Steam Wishlist]
CS designs/MYO slots/customs
Art trade 
Character trade
Riot Points

 Colombia T2 by lina1313  [AP] Kyou by lina1313Tony2 - Grumbling Glyphs by lina1313Catnixie 1 by lina1313LNY snipi DTA by lina1313

AP- hotsprings episode by lina1313 Gift- Dragonlovertori by lina1313 Gift - Frost Forest by lina1313
more in my gallery, though it's kind of unorganized and all over the place.

most CS

At Your Own Risk:
complicated/cluttered designs
tasteful nude

Hard Pass:
any level of gore
fetish material
hateful content
other, upon consideration and discussion as it comes up

[TOS here]
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