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Lina n Kitty X3

Yup, I drew chibi Lina sitting with my stuffed halloween kitty I call "squishy kitty". Don't ask. XP


- pencil
- adobe photoshop cs
- tablet

Took me I would say about close to 5 hours to color, and not even an hour to draw.
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I know this is an older pic but i dont care. I LOVE WHAT YOU DID HERE! CUte LINA WITH BLACK CAT AND WITCH'S HAT!
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I find it this extremely cutesy picture VERY disconcerting.

Surely this is not the same girl who terrorizes and harrasses waiters, innkeepers, restaurant owners, elderly folk, youngsters, dragons, and public entertainers, who wipes out entire settlements and renders homeless thousands of people just to alleviate stress, and who also is a source of prime interest to the highest ranks of both the Shinzoku and Mazoku?

Nah, it can't be. This girl's far too adorable and innocent-lookin'. That, and she's displayin' kindness ta animals.

Still, really cute image. Thanks for it.
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Crim: this is just too cute. *hugs chibi Lina*

What a pain...
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:tunes::heart:how adorable!
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You are so getting my dentist bill!
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She is so cute! great work!!!
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that is too cute to be lina...she is usually savage :D
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Wow, its incredible! I love Lina too :cuddle:
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it's so great.I love the bachground i love lina I love evrything.Perfect
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AWWW!! Thats cute!!
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Super adorable :hug:
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Awwwww....This is adorable!!! The kitten and Lina! *hugs and favs it*
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awwww this is sooooo cute. i know now what lina looked like as a kid.
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KAWAII~ *huggles Kitty*
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Oh, I LURVE this to DEATH! It's so cute!! Great job on the shading, and what a wonderfully AWESOME background!! :w00t!:
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*hyperventilates* so cute your style is awesome! i wish I could draw something this cute
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Absolutely, utterly, adorable! XD
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