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cat club
Current Residence: justine's house
Favourite photographer: you
Skin of choice: fur
Favourite cartoon character: thundercats
Personal Quote: meow
welcome one and all to the limucat cat club. if you own cats or love cats or like cats more than dogs or have dogs but for some weird reason love cats more... purr and be a limucat!

'limucats' replaces the 'customers',
'drawing' replaces the 'buying', and
'art' replaces the 'groceries'

news and updates
click HERE regularly for any new event updates!

what does a limucat do?
draw Funny! this is the name of this cat. now there aren't that many photos of my cat *how shameful* honestly, i only have one photo of him :tears: However, do not let this deter you! if this only photo isn't that helpful for your referencing purposes then i'll try to dig any photos of my cat from my sister but you can always be creative :giggle:.

to help you out Funny is mainly white and orange. Has a pink nose but can have black spots of him after getting involved in cat fights (I believe he falls into some ditch each time he gets into a catfight... he always loses his fights :cries:) His belly is mainly white. The top back of his body and tail is orange. He is a short tailed cat and his tail is crooked. He takes after his mom - a Beautiful Siamese crooked tail cat. Shame he didnt turned out to be a siamese cat. He has 5 siblings - all died :cries: His last sibling was murdered by limubear's cousin. His paws are pink but if memory serves me well, his left hind paw has some black fur. I never knew his dad. His mom was ummm a free spirited cat ;)

Now you must only draw and can even take photographs! (if you did take photographs of my cat... :fear:... :spank: tropicity) You can draw Funny in any drawing style, like pixelart, vectors, pencil, charcoal, paint, etc. just dont steal art :furious:

Take for example the stylings of the very limucated ChungaMunga or even Mikau735 but its best if u draw Funny your way ;) Even if you cant draw like limubear or unangelic (these guys can even draw a straight line... even being assisted with a ruler!!!!) :giggle: it doesnt matter! just draw a finished product that you are happy with! :w00t: make it cute would be nice ;)

limucat cat club accepts all kind of limucats, bruneian cats, japanese cats, malaysian cats, british cats, spanish cats,etc... but no dogs :furious:

when u've done drawing ur rendition of funny, note me or use some method to get my attention. cats dont have spider sense.

the only request is to not draw Funny as half cat and half human :| normal CATS ONLY!!! no wings or overgrown sabre tooth or nine tails or etc...
hmmm you could draw your cat/s if you wanted but Funny must be in the drawing. make sure Funny is in the front of the picture or is the main focus of the picture hahahahha. you can draw as many cats as your want in the picture. *Hint: More of Funny the limucat - More limucat points.

how to join
you must watch the limucat cat club AND;

note limucat with the following
01. how many pet cats you have. if none when you are going to get a pet cat
02. how old are your cat/s (if any)
03. the name of your pet cat/s (if any)
04. why you think dogs drool (if any)
05. do you think Funny would be an ideal partner for your female cat/s (if any

check regularly to see our ever growing list of limucats!
***the limucats***

this is an awesome member list where u get your own personalised limucat title and earn valuable*limucat points* :giggle:
no staff should be needed as they serve no purpose at the moment and also because im too lazy and too busy with work

you can always volunteer to be a limucat staff if you see the need for one. but remember no privileges, the hours are loooooong, the boss is a total slave driver and the wages are non-existent.

limucat cat club national anthem
*sung to the tune of that 80's cartoon show , Thundercats©*

'We are proud limucats' written by limubear

:sing:limu.. limuu.. limuuu.. limucats! hooooooooooooooobart
limucats are in the groove, limucats wears shoes!
feel our furry, feel our paws
limucats are loose!
limu, limu, limu, limucats
limu, limu, limu, limucats!!
limu, limu, limu, limucats!!
limu, limu, limu, limucats!!
limu, limu, limu, limucats!!
meooooooooow :music:

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yayy 666 pageviews! :heart:
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This is the nth time I've been the 666th page viewer. lol ;)
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I'm so allergic to you!
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