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Daxdrew Station of Awakening by EdwardOrenday Daxdrew Station of Awakening :iconedwardorenday:EdwardOrenday 34 1 Ahri star guardian 2 by EdwardOrenday Ahri star guardian 2 :iconedwardorenday:EdwardOrenday 20 0 Daily Paint 2160. Faunted by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2160. Faunted :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,393 100
Comfort [Knight Artorias x Corrupted!Reader]
What a beautiful creature...
As if examining a most priceless masterpiece, handiwork crafted by the gods themselves, you trailed your fingertips across the young knight's face; a tundra of snow graced the moon, tainted with pools of blood, and valleys of black and purple. His armor, tainted with the faintest hues of black, shimmered as the sea under a midnight sky, cobalt cloak ripped and torn at the ends. Despite his unconscious condition, the grip upon the hilt of his blade was one of vigor, concentration, as if he still battled ferociously even within his nightmare world.
So beautiful...
Your eyes glowed with a most ominous glee, and a smile stretched across your mouth.
As soon as your frigid fingers encircled his cheeks, he awoke with a strangled cry, shooting upright like a frightened wolf. You jolted back only a little but watched him with a child's admiration, as he jerked his sword from the stone floor. Though his left arm hung lax at his side, the rest of his bod
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 22 36
Burdens (Laurence x Lady Maria)
I recalled our first meeting as if it only occurred yesterday.
The Lady Maria.
A young noblewoman of Cainhurst was she, intricate garb adorning her delicate features, an emerald broach twinkling beneath the flickering torches, pale eyes hard, determined, ambitious, very unconventional for someone with a cushioned upbringing. According to her captivated teacher, her talent relied primarily on the dexterity of her fingers, hard, grueling hours spent acuminating her skill, and the passion kindling her heart.
Skill over the power of blood? Surely not..., thought I.
My ears filled to the brim with almost impossible expectations, I must admit doubting Gehrman's words of praise upon first grasping her seemingly delicate fingers into my own. I witnessed many young hunters, talented hunters, overestimate their ability, only to fall victim to the scourge, to be ruthlessly devoured by the jaws of fear..and eventual madness.
Of course, she, belonging to the Vilebloods of Cainhurst, I restra
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 5 8
ItOC #47 - Trash Landing by AylaStarDragon ItOC #47 - Trash Landing :iconaylastardragon:AylaStarDragon 80 5 Sonbahar by Nukababe Sonbahar :iconnukababe:Nukababe 592 51 James Sunderland by Luuxciel James Sunderland :iconluuxciel:Luuxciel 6 0 Lady Maria by wlop Lady Maria :iconwlop:wlop 7,433 108 The Gentleman's Demon by miyumon The Gentleman's Demon :iconmiyumon:miyumon 248 9 20180817 by LKiKAi 20180817 :iconlkikai:LKiKAi 108 2 Ball by wlop Ball :iconwlop:wlop 8,708 174 living with hipstergirl and gamergirl 341 by JagoDibuja living with hipstergirl and gamergirl 341 :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 563 92 Daily Paint 2087. Purrfait by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2087. Purrfait :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,552 209 Queens by wlop Queens :iconwlop:wlop 8,629 141



Aselia Balestiere
Again used a base by Nukababe as reference, it can be found here:…

Aselia is my main female character for any game that gives the option of a customizable character, and I was surprised that being such I have no drawings of her... albeit she might just be that girl in the old "Death battle" (…) drawing I uploaded about a dream I had had with an unknown girl of black-purpleish hair running about. I never saw her face that I remember, so it might just be her, after all every game and story I put her into has her at different points of her life even if with a few months difference between them, being the most important one her time surrounded by castlevania related beings. Anyway, rant/story time: 

Her bases lie in castlevania, league of legends (divergent with base in the old world lore, intertwining with the newer lore where it is possible) and Tera Online. For her timeline, the world of Castlevania is the very same as Runeterra and Arborea, only hundreds of years if not millenia before the runic wars, standing somewhere between the 1999 battle and Galamoth’s reign around year 10 000, with only a handful creatures and characters having survived from the times of Dracula up to the times of the institute of war. As well, being Valoran a mostly small island it was to be expected that other continents could be found lying around, being these Arun and Shara. In this versión of the world, the institute of war existed, but after the events at Kalamanda and Relivash’s scandal, panic and dissatisfaction arose and a swift witch hunt from all fronts ensued despite the efforts of the heads of governments, forcing summoners to scatter, leaving them isolated and potentially exinguished. Aselia was born some 8 years after the Kalamanda events, daughter to a demon and a noxian human woman who tried to distance herself from her country but was dragged back due to drama related with the (half demon) incubus Magnus (Cv: Nocturne of recollection) and a follower of Galamoth.

Aselia is a half-demon 7 y/o kid who in her previous life managed to successfully perform a sacrifice ritual that would grant her resurrection in a body better than the old, tattered one she had, while retaining her memories (though she forgets everything as she grows without noticing, until at 15 she just remembers her life since she was reborn). Presently, after running away from her home because of the frustration she got of being treated as the kid she appeared to be, especially by her somewhat mentally unstable mother, she’s been legally adopted by a mage named Firian, to whom she decided would not tell her family was still alive and well since they met when she was 5. Mostly mischevous, she doesn’t care much to appear non-guilty while claiming innocence after playing some trick, usually stealing desserts meant for Firian’s best friend, scaring gullible people or making guys she deems not dangerous to her uncomfortable. Despite this, she tries to do the choices that really matter based on what Firian would do, as she holds him in great respect regarding morals. After nearly being killed and losing someone she secretly admired, she decided to follow Firian (against his will) from one battlefield to the next in order to grow strong and help avenge that person.

Ragni Kleine
I was feeling like drawing, but didn't know what and didn't want to go through the effort of thinking just to end up disappointed on my coloring skills, so I spent an afternoon browsing simple bases to take inspiraion from... ended up lovin this one:…

so I used it as ref for drawing/redesigning my lovely stuck up Ragni uwu/ made a christmas version in red too, but I guess that's staying on my facebook alone. Changed her hair style, darkened the tone, and changed the colors on her clothes. Also, now wearing shorts instead of a skirt :3

Ragni Kleine is one of my OCs from the story Reminiscence of Darkness Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 


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Mina Del Rio
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Twice and twice shall he be marked,
twice to live, and twice to die.
Once the heron, to set his path.
Twice the heron, to name him true.
Once the Dragon, for remembrance lost.
Twice the Dragon, for the price he must pay.

-Karaethon Cycle, 'The prophecies of the Dragon'

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  • Reading: The fires of heaven - Robert Jordan
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uwu/ Esta idea fue robada del journal de EliDaywish. Como no pienso taggear a nadie ni escribirlo en inglés, solo anotaré que la idea es mencionar 8 datos sobre un personaje original y taggear a cierta cantidad de personas... Yo solo lo hago porque luego me pongo a eliminar todas las babosadas de mi pc, y no quiero perder los datos sobre Aselia de los que me acabo de enterar XD aparte de unos que ya sabía.

1) Aselia antes de ser Aselia se llamaba Maze y desde que fue creada, fue mi personaje default para cualquier historia o juego con protagonista personalizable al menos en nombre.

2) Cuando quise llevarla a Tera, me encontré con que nada se adaptaba exactamente a lo que ella era... ni raza, ni clase... nada... así que le ofrecí un trato... Si  se dejaba capturar y asesinar por sus enemigos, yo tomaría su esencia y la dejaría renacer en Arborea, en la familia que ella misma eligiera, cuando lo eligiera y podría tomar la raza y clase que quisiera. Eligió ser un híbrido mitad humano uwu;

3)Antes de dejar su casa, vagando por los alrededores, llegó a conocer a un cierto Nosferatu extraño que tenía curiosidad por la esencia de la humanidad y con el cual llegó a hacer amistad, jurando casarse con él cuando tuviera la edad para ello basándose sólo en que le encantaba que le llamara Princesa y la tratara siempre tan educadamente. Dato curioso: él siempre le ha pedido que se olvide de esa idea y busque a alguien de su edad con quien compartir su vida :v

4) Aselia dejó su casa cuando tenía apenas 5 años. Poco después de haberse ido, conoció a Firian, y decidió quedarse a vivir con él aprovechándose de que tenía fama de siempre ayudar a los novatos de la federación. 

5)Unos dos años más tarde, Aselia bromeó con Firian acerca de que ya que llevaba tanto tiempo viviendo con él, debería adoptarla oficialmente. Firian dijo que estaba bien, así que consiguió los papeles y cambió su apellido oficialmente al de la familia de Firian, Balestiere :P

6) No mucho después de que Firian la adoptara, un par de (cofimbécilescof) personas atacaron la casa en que vivían, hiriendo a una elin que había estado viviendo con ellos por varios años y que hacía el papel de mamá de todos. El padre biológico de Aselia fue quien les ayudó a escapar,y más tarde ella tuvo que explicarle a Firian, aunque con algunas mentiras, la situación de su familia y el detalle de su humanidad parcial.

7) A partir de ese ataque, Firian desarrolló una obsesión con perseguir a quienes les atacaron y matarlos, dedicándose a cazar a cualquiera que pudiera tener relación con Galamoth o los Dark Lords a los que Galamoth buscaba matar. Quiso dejar a Aselia varias veces durante su viaje, pero ella siempre consiguió pegársele y seguirlo a donde quiera que fuese, hasta que Firian se resignó a llevarla a donde iba y a entrenarla para que pudiera estar a salvo haciendo lo que hacían.

8) A pesar de tener una brújula moral bastante inservible, Aselia siempre se detiene a pensar "qué haría Firian en esta situación?" y elige la opción mas cercana a lo que supone que haría él, asumiendo que es lo correcto, aunque Firian mismo haga con frecuencia (aunque a espaldas de Aselia) cosas que beneficien su búsqueda aún perjudicando a otros.

o3o/ y pues hay muchos datos mas, aunque son tipo curiosidades, pero creo que eso es lo más relevante de la niña.


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