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Fallout: Equestria 18

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Published: January 13, 2015
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This is heartbreaking.
It's perfect.
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DarkMystique725Student Artisan Crafter
i dont get it, where is this from?
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From the dark fan-fiction Fallout: Equestria.

SPOILER: This is Rarity's final moment of destiny, dying to save Fluttershy and Angel from a chemical weapon attack on Fluttershy's Ministry of Peace headquarters.
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DarkMystique725Student Artisan Crafter
where can i find the story? Do you have a link?
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You can read the full story at….

WARNING - Forty-nine long chapters and lots of horrible deaths amongst the main characters of the show!
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ILM126Student Digital Artist
I'm now considering Project Horizons cannon as well... SO now her spirit is now stuck inside a chunk of starmetal beneath Hoofington ^^"
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....... why would you classify that disaster as canon? it butchers the original story completely.

all the mane six played a part in the end of the world, in their attempts to save the world. project horizons bastardizes that and removes that guilt completely. they were all manipulated, thus absolved from their sin because of that.
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ILM126Student Digital Artist
But........ it kinds of give the story t a bit more depth. Plus, I just find it interesting =D
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no it does hte exact reverse. it destroys its depth. cause the horrifying complexity of the mane six bringing darkness to their own world in their attempts to save it has actual deopth and complexity compared to someone tricking them into doing it.
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ILM126Student Digital Artist
Alright then...
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Don't worry. It's one of around two pieces of alternate fanfiction in which Kkat has more or less "officialized" by agreeing that if she wishes to write more, she would not publish anything in their respective regions. I.E, the Hoof is off limits.
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LisaWolfHobbyist Photographer
Amazing image, such a heart breaking scene though. Rarity always has been one of my top tier ponies. At least her spirit lives on, for the most part.
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SoloAlienHobbyist Digital Artist
Замечательно... просто замечательно.
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This one is one of my favorite, most memorable scenes. Each time I get teary-eyed.

It also made me get some new-found respect for Rarity.

Rest in peace.
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gorgeous picture.......... to be honest though it would be even better if it depicted her age properly. the mane six were all middle aged at this point.
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LisaWolfHobbyist Photographer
Well the story did say Rarity aged very gracefully. I do recall AJ dyed her mane, I'm not sure but I think Rarity did as well.
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I can't remember this scene. Can somepony send me a pm about what part in Fallout: Equestria this is from?
BTW Amazing art work.
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Alexander-KrozzHobbyist General Artist
oh this makes me want to cry!
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SpiderShiiHobbyist General Artist
your shading is just so amazing >U< <33333
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batosanHobbyist General Artist
This is a tough scene to get through. You have done very well here!
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Darksunrise957Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't realize what this image was about for a moment... then the feels hit like a freight train.  ;~;
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Generous until the end :)
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