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More ponies in peril



What, did'ya think the last one was the only one? That I've given the li'll horsies a rest? Shame on you, you ought to know by now: I'm not normal.

And I'm humble, too.

Anyway, the ponies are called, from left to right: Sweetheart, Bon Bon and Melody (hey, I gotta do some research before I do a DID, don't I?).
I wanted to put them in some sort of peril, and when I do that, I usually put them in a peril that fits the show/comic they're from (save for some of the times Amy meets Stinger; I like to put some drama into them encounters), so I thought the usual "caught snooping"-scene couldn't go wrong. Admit, it never does!
Also, something else that can't go wrong is having one of the damsels saying "You'll never get away with this". One of my favourite lines.

Anyway, for those who like it: Enjoy.
For those who don't like it: If you look up to the top-left corner of the screen, you'll find a nifty little "back-button". Try clicking it, if you don't want to see this.
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Seeing this I wonder how the furryous three would look like as ponies.