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Spork: The 'Mountian'cats
Hello eveyone, today's fanfiction is going to be about Thundercats. Yes, I've seen the show and I've seen most of the episodes and to be well honest, I'll admit it actually is kinda cool. It's better than most of the stuff i've seen in the past on Cartoon Network. Now, OCs for this series is starting to grow and I wouldn't be horribly suprised if the popularity for this show would reach as high as MLP (though i'm not the biggest fan of MLP: FIS so I wouldn't care if that show got as popular as being called the new "HTF") This one is an OC fanfic and hooboy, I already have something to bitch about. Look at the title for this and tell me if you can pronounce it properly. (Moun-shun?) (Moun-ti-en?) I can't pronounce it. No folkes, I didn't mistype this title, this is EXACTLY how it came out. Does (s)he mean MOUNTAIN cats? Anyways, maybe it'll be just a typo and i'll tell her the title is wrong and (s)he'll change.
by ~BumblebeesBride
Based on the 2011 Thund
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The Blind Spork 7
Hello my good friends! I'm no longer calling this series R and R I'm calling it: The blind spork. Now then, I was browsing online through different fanfics and I found this one about World of Warcraft. Now to be fair, I'm not a fan of WoW and I hate it's fanbase with a burning passion and I hate all the players that play it (there are some I like, but most i've seen are ragers who hate everyone). No more delays, on with the spork!
WoW: Tales of the Realm
by ~Starrweaver
Outtake from WoW Tales of the Realm
Locations: Valley of Trials & Darkshore
"Hey Kator, what you guys doing?" the young orc came over and flopped down in the sand beside his friends. They were hiding out from duties and catching some sun on the rocky outcrops above the camp.
"We're just being bored." Grog says as he leans against a rock with his eyes closed. Leaning back and closing your eyes makes you look really stupid. Just sayin'
"Nothing different than yesterday." Mugtar grunts as he lays in the s
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Ways you suck at writing ep 2
Episode 2 is here :). Remember, this isn't here to hurt it's here to help in a bit of a funny fashion made for humor to make it easier to understand. I'm making it more fun to learn.
You suck at writing when: Your characters monologue about how much their lives suck. "I swear, I'll never get a girlfriend, I'll never get a job, I'll NEVER get a house, and I never will get anything done. My life sucks, my life absolutely sucks." Better example: Just skip the monologues and move on.
You suck at writing when: Your characters make unjustifiable actions. "I'll go get us mcdonalds!" He excitedly said jumping up and down and clapping. BETTER EXAMPLE: "I'll go get us McDonalds." He said helpfully.
You suck at writing when: You have no direction of plot or anything driving the story forward. Jonny Awesome was looking at the dials on the car while driving on the road and noticed he was going too fast. We cut back to our main characters on the train. Better example: IF THEY M
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Ways you suck at writing ep 1
Please note: This is a satirical guide that should not hurt anyone or anybody. If you're not good at writing that's alright with me, everyone isn't good at everything. These are guidelines that are told in a humorous way.
You suck at writing when: Your characters are mary-sues. I don't think I need an example.
You suck at writing when: You have to use paranthesis to describe characteristics.
Gloria showed up joyously at the party (she wore a t-shirt and a pair of jeans)
Better phrase: Gloria showed up joyously to the party in her favorite t-shirt and jeans that I never understood why she liked. I wasn't one to criticise fashion anyway.

You suck at writing when: Your settings are described way too much.
She went down the hall and then turned right again unil she got to the bathroom. She took a left and finally got to her room.
Better Phrase: She went down the hall that seemed to go on for a long time until she finally found her room.

You suck at writing when:
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Mature content
TL DR Comic Reviews EP 1 PT 1 :iconlimpin90:Limpin90 0 0
Mature content
TL DR Comic Reviews :iconlimpin90:Limpin90 0 0
Mature content
Orginal R and R 6 :iconlimpin90:Limpin90 0 0
Mature content
Sonic Generations Rant spoof :iconlimpin90:Limpin90 1 1
Mature content
A disgusting trend on DA :iconlimpin90:Limpin90 0 0
Fanfiction R and R 5
Welcome everyone! Sorry I haven't done any fanfiction reviews lately I've been busy working on studying the french language and so far it's been going "okay" as I would say. Anyways this fanfiction is another Azumanga Daioh fanfiction (gee how original) and this one I was actually interested in because the description says that she tries to keep the characters in character at all times. Seems promising enough. I hope it's nothing like  "Yomi's Revenge" however. Alright then let's begin
Chapter 1: Dodgeball
"It was kinda exciting, an' then we found out he has anemia!" Osaka said. "'Cause he couldn't even remember his wife's name." Alright, Osaka actually is in character. That seems believable.
Chiyo stared blankly, before replying, "Uh, don't you mean 'amnesia?'"
Osaka turned her head slightly to the left, with no change in her eyes or her expression. She then tilted it back to Chiyo and added, "…Didn't I say amn… anma… anemia?"
Chiyo waved her
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Mature content
Fanfiction R and R 4 :iconlimpin90:Limpin90 0 0
Fanfiction R and R 3
Welcome my friends to another Reaction and Review of Fanfictions! Today I am going to look at another HTF fanfic. This one is atleast longer than the other one I did, so I hope that this one turns out better than the original one. Alright, no more delaying this, so let's begin!
CHAPTER 1: Introduction…as always.
It was another bright and sunny day at the Silver Mansion. The albino lion, White Mc. Douglas, was in the living room on his laptop, talking to one of his friends on Skype. Okay then, simple and to the point. It's atleast not long or extremely over described
White: *typing* That's very funny XD You sure have such a funny life style XD I'm not exactly a big fan of people writing in this style. It's almost like a play and it's annoying to read.
Just then, AX, the black cat android, comes in. He notices White talking with his friend and decided to pull a little joke on him.
AX: Hey White. Who you talking to? Your new girlfriend *troll face* There
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Fanfiction R and R 2
Welcome my friends to a new Fanfiction Reaction and Review! Today I am going to look at a fanfiction that I found while I was searching for HTF lulzy fanfictions and I stumbled on this. Funny thing is it's based off of Final Destination (which one and three were the only good ones as four and two were just live action cartoon remakes involving cartoon violence to mean). Funny thing is is that this thing only has one part.  Well I can hope that part 3 covers up a decent amount of ground and that it's at a decent size. So let's take a look at this fanfiction story.
When the word got out about Sis, a few of the others freaked out, the rest, thought it was a coincidence. Due to the fact that I think that part 1 and 2 are removed, this story seems stripped now and I have no idea what they're talking about They met up again, Sis's front yard. Ginger was one of the ones who freaked out. Not mostly because Sis died, it was mostly the fact that the cause of death appe
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Mature content
Fanfiction Reaction and Review :iconlimpin90:Limpin90 0 4


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