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Rembrandt's Homer

Homer Simpson
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THAT - is - spectacular!
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Bah, who needs sleep anyways?
I sure don't
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Omfg so cuteXD
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It´s Really nice
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This is scary. roflmao
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Love, Love, Love IT!!!!
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Hello, I am surfing the net searching for artists whose art is on the FB page "orgoglio Nerd" Because I and other people have unsuccessfully tried to make them understand that source the author of a fanart is important. 
Your art is in their photo album sourced with THEIR website, as it was the only source of the material. 
this is the page with your art…
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10 thumbs up
Do Peter Griffin! :)
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ahaha well done !
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Mouahaha great job! :D:clap:
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Haha very cool :D
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TV's wittiest character, Rembrandt style!
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Thats is awesomesauce :iconhomerplz:
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